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Free iPhone Ringtones Revisited

Back in 2008 we created a set of ringtones that you can download for free from MacMost.com and add to your iPhone. Now it was quite difficult to add ringtones to the iPhone. You had to download them to your Mac. You had to bring them into your iTunes library and you had to sync them from iTunes on Mac to iPhone. Then you would have them available. For a while, we had podcasts where each episode was a ringtone, and it was an easy way to get them directly into iTunes. But you still had to sync them via a cable to the iPhone.

Well, I recently went and redid the entire MacMost Free Ringtones page. I put all ringtones on a single page where you can browse them. I put little Play buttons next to them, so you could really just press the Play button, preview the ringtone, and I included a new way to get them directly on the iPhone. So you don't have to have a computer involved at all.

So when you look through this page, you can choose the ringtone you want and notice that there is now an MP3 link and an M4R. MP3 is just a standard audio file and M4R is a special file. It's the file I was talking about where you can sync from iTunes on Mac. But the Add Direct to iPhone link is new. It's something you can do right here on the iPhone. So in my iPhone I'll add it.

One requirement you need is that you must have GarageBand. A free app from Apple. It's great fun and it's a great app, but it also has the ability to add ringtones directly to your phone. So you can use it to make your own ringtones. You can use it to capture audio files and build GarageBand documents that can then be used as ringtones. But what Add Direct to iPhone is, it's a GarageBand project I've already created. So it makes it very easy and easy to add. So let's go and review the steps provided you already have GarageBand on your phone.

Let's choose a sound there. We try this as a ringtone. I need to tap Add directly to the iPhone. It's going to take me to this screen here. This screen will vary from phone to phone. On this phone, it says Open in GarageBand. But on another phone it will actually say Open in files or open in documents. I'm not sure why that's the difference, but it's going to open up in GarageBand. Then press the Open link.

Now it takes a second when it appears in GarageBand. In a few cases, I found that it never appears unless you go to Browse and then you see it there and you can go back to Recents if you want. But when you see it there, you are not ready to add it yet, because for some reason you have to open it once in GarageBand once for this to work. So I'm going to hit it and it opens in GarageBand and now I can actually hit the Play button if I want, but that's not necessary. I can just press the button on the top left, go back to the previous screen.

Now I have to press and hold for about two seconds on the icon there. When I get out, instead of opening it, it should give me a menu at the top. If it opens it, you haven't been long enough. One of the options is the Share. I'll press Share and you can see now, I get the opportunity to share as a ringtone. Now you should get this message on some ringtones. If the ring time is, it must be 30 seconds or shorter, if there is a 30 second ringtone, it will give you this message, even if it is 30 seconds, and you can just press ahead. It will not affect anything. Some ringtones are shorter than 30 seconds and you do not get this message.

Now you get this screen here with an Export button at the top right. Press the Export button. It's going to export it as a ringtone and it's going to give you some options when it's done. You can right now select Use sound as, and you can choose use as ringtone, text tone, assign to a particular contact. But you don't have to make this decision now. You can just tap Done and it's added to the ringtones library on your phone.

So now, let's go back to the Home screen here and in Settings let's go to Sounds. Sound and haptics may depend on your iPhone model. Underneath everything here like Ringtone, Text Tone, etc., anything that is going to use the ringtone will sound as you tap it, and you can see the standards, but also you can see the ones you've just added. You can see that there are ringtones and over a line there is one for the sound I just added. You can now assign it to a particular thing like being my text tone now.

So you can browse and choose something you like and add them for free to the iPhone. There are a number of things here that here are some that are special for morning alarms. There are some who are just nicely designed. There are some who are just funny or interesting, some who are musical. Someone who is on holiday and for all kinds of interests and hobbies and things like that. So take a look through them, and hopefully you can find something you want to use for a ringtone or text tone.

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