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Frequently forwarded messages in WhatsApp can get a new highlight

WhatsApp on Android and iOS device will often highlight forwarded messages with a few curly arrows (forward icon) whose media lookup makes it work. Currently, messages are highlighted with a single curly arrow, regardless of the frequency of the current message, forwarded.

I can't tell if a specific message has been forwarded how many times from the current forward icon – a single curly arrow on the upper left corner of the message box. But media reports now say that this will happen soon!

Will frequently forwarded messages on WhatsApp check the authenticity of shared messages?

This will indicate to the WhatsApp user that the message has been relayed repeatedly, and will come as usual, of course, without revealing the original source.

There are two aspects to this ̵

1; one that can indicate the value of the message being forwarded, including the content, authenticity and the other is the quality of the message. Not necessarily that the fact stated in it may be true, but at least from circulation to several people in the loop gives some credence to the information being shared, albeit with caution.

WhatsApp says it is a private messaging platform originally built to help people message their friends and loved ones. This is 'picture perfect' as they say. But in situations where there are chances of rumors, calls for violence, illegal or false information are shared and disseminated; the problems are compounded. As the media has gained status, it is exposed to such activities and has shown its vulnerability by spreading incorrect or incorrect information, not at all. All of this, thanks to the internet speed and platform comfort it offers its users.

Awesome news and their effects as they spread across social media

News spreads like fire and over WhatsApp, even faster, as many social media witnesses to users in India and around the world. In India, recent "mob lynching" and other "municipal crimes" rumors, besides further false information spread across WhatsApp, have become a major talking point across parts of the media and society.

Among them are some relevant questions: should there be some censorship; should it be monitoring or prohibiting social media from compromising the right to freedom of information for citizens?

Beyond Highlighted Frequently Forwarded Messages ….

When such news / information is shared over WhatsApp, there were no indications of where it originated, and whether it was shared previously, between person or persons. This new feature indicated by a few curly arrows will at least make me or someone aware that the same message is being circulated well over WhatsApp. The cutoff base to indicate the minimum number of frequent forwards was rumored for a minimum of five messages.

Now we are notifying users of the authenticity of the news and the integrity of the news, will always worry until WhatsApp seizes and removes it from circulation.

Should WhatsApp open its prying eyes to monitor the flow of information? Will it filter by authenticity parameters and eventually approve / share frequently shared information indicated by multiple curly arrows?

Will it be able to cut the "crap" and allow free flow of clean and real information spread across the platform by following its application guidelines?

Then WhatsApp will monitor the circulation of information regarding various authenticity aspects and parameters to finally approve / share frequently shared information indicated by multiple curly arrows or will really stop all & # 39; nonsense? & # 39;

Say it, and if WhatsApp looks in, it can help us all!

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