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Funny Apple video shows iPhone privacy benefits

Apple and privacy go hand in hand.

A fun video featuring people sharing personal information. Apple says iPhones help users prevent the digital version of this.
Screenshot: Apple

People do not go around announcing their recent purchases to strangers. Or shout out to the whole office what they think of their colleagues. Or reveal where they live for people on the street. But they are violating their own privacy in a new Apple video, created to point out that owning a competing smartphone is the digital equivalent of sharing.

See it now:

The video is called Privacy. It’s iPhone. – Division, and it uses humor to make the point. Apple’s description states: “Some things should not be shared. Therefore, the iPhone is designed to give you control over your information and protect your privacy. “

Apple promises privacy

Apple often states its commitment to protecting the owner of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. A note coded in iOS states the guidelines: “Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right, so every Apple product is designed to minimize the collection and use of your data, use processing on your device whenever possible, and provide transparency and control over your information.”

The video is probably meant to contrast this belief with the business practices of Google, the maker of Android OS. That company collects as much personal information about users as it can and sells it to advertisers. This is why the products are either cheap or free.

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