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G30 – Kovalov Ivan

  Kovalov Ivan - G30 artwork


Kovalov Ivan

Genre: Games

Price: $ 3.99

Release date: May 1

6, 2018

G30 – A Memory Maze is a unique and minimalist touch of the puzzle genres, where each level is handmade and meaningful. It's a story about a person with cognitive disorder, trying to remember the elusive past – before the disease takes over and everything will fade away.

How would you feel if you could not recognize your life, loved your dear ones and yourself? Can you find a light in the dark maze of human consciousness? Can you remember the story?


Each level sparks some memory of the person's life. It's a two-piece jigsaw puzzle: a visual image of memory and a telescope text, revealing each step. You start with fragmented pieces of the image attached to dotted lines. If you drag those that close, move parts of the image to restore it. In turn, telescope text responds to each step – the closer you are to the solution, the more text unfolds. And if you do not move in the right direction, the story can also happen in truth. You actually remember – adds details to the memory and forms a clear picture.


The game has a wonderful relaxing flow of atmospheric music and haptic feedback – all this helps you dive into this compelling story even more. No points, no timers, no "spill over".


The G30 is about memory and awareness – and what they mean to a human being. There are people around who lose their ability to remember – some kind of mental illnesses make it a person. The G30 shows how they look the world, how they feel about the past they can not remember and the reality they can not recognize.


The "Most Innovative Game" Prize on both Casual Connect USA and Casual Connect Kyiv, "Best Mobile Game" on the CEEGA Awards, "Best Mobile Game" and "Critics" on GTP Indie Cup, "GDC Special Award" and "Amazon Special Award" at the Get IT Conference.

© © Ivan Kovalov

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