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Galaxy Note 10 Features Apple Should Steal for iPhone 11

Galaxy Note 10 is here. I talked all about it with Daniel Bader from Android Central, so be sure to check out that video if you haven't already. Now I want to talk about the feature from Note 10 I would love to see Apple bring iPhone 11 … or iPhone 12 if they are already locked and loaded for September.

1. Apple Pencil

It's perennial at this time and will remain top-of-the-list until Apple takes it out of the labs and puts it in my nerdy little hands.

We've seen rumors of Apple Pencil support coming to the iPhone for years. And by rumor I mean financial analyst fanfic for investor notes. But while it always comes, it never quite emerges.

I would love all caps, especially a smaller version to better fit the smaller device. Especially now that PencilKit is one thing ̵

1; Apple's new framework for easy Pencil integration for apps. And especially with iPadOS here to provide more and increasing differentiation between the phone and tablet.

But I'm just going to expect it when I see it.

2. Colors

The iPhone XR brought some Apple-chromatic flare back to the lineup last year. But for the XS, you could only those in white, gray or gold that the X line skipped the year before.

But for a long time I have been wanting, not only for the colors Samsung and Huawei are fields, but the metallic gradients they field them in.

Sure, they are trendy more than timeless, and maybe in a few years Aura look similar to bell bottoms and a hang-glider collar. But I'm so down with the phone as fashion, and if that means I have to hide my unashamed shame in a case coming 2020 or 2021, I'm down with it too.

Again, I don't I don't expect it, but if they offered the next iPhone in Apple Card gradient, I'd jump on it.

3. Video bokeh

I use my iPhone for most of my b-role. It's just so much easier to carry around, move around, it has great battery life, and I don't have to fiddle with an SD card, especially when I'm at events.

But I really miss the depth of field. Having everything in focus means that nothing is really in focus.

Better glass helps. The iPhone XS telephoto camera can get very nice bokeh in the real world if you compose the images just right, but it is impossible to maintain for most video shoots.

Then you do the computational depth effect, much like they've done with still images since the iPhone 7 from 2016 is the answer.

Apple's segmentation mask is getting better. They are still no Google when it comes to algorithms, but they still have the best silicon in any phone and one of if not the best camcorders on a phone.

So I'm calculating optimistically, we'll see that sooner rather than later. And that, you know, it will actually work well enough to be usable.

4. Time of Flight

We've already had all kinds of rumors that a Time of Flight sensor is coming, if not to iPhone 11 than iPhone 12. But, as I said earlier this week, Apple's version must have more compelling use cases than what we see so far.

Again, ship function kits, not just chip sets. But I want the rear extended reality camera badly.

5. Super Fast Charging

Look, I get it, nothing is free. The faster you charge, the hotter the battery becomes, and it is bad for its long-term health. But just because something can charge super fast doesn't mean it needs it all the time.

I have no problem with the faster chargers being an accessory for those who know they really want them. But use some AI – fuck, give me a turbo button if you need – to let me charge safely and slowly overnight or on long trips or on my desk, but warm and fast when I only have a few deca minutes to fill up before you run out again.

And keep making that battery case smarter and better too.

6. USB-C

I mean, of course. I'm super sympathetic to everyone out there with lots of lightning cables and adapters that are still salty about switching from the 30-pin dock just 7 short years ago, and if you make us switch again, we'll freaking cut you .. [19659004] But it's time. As I said in my Lightning explainer video a few weeks ago, the iPhone X would have been ideal, and this year doesn't seem to be in the cards, but if not now, then next time.

We are not ready to go completely portless yet. Everything from charging to data transfer, but especially recovery is not yet.

So unless Apple waits for some big miniUSB-C announcement from the consortium, it's really time for one port to control them all.

7. Dex

Just kidding! In a way…? Not completely? DeX seems like an overly complicated and non-coherent way to recreate the continuity features that Apple has rolled out between iOS and Mac over the past five years.

And it's tough to see Apple offer a Windows tool that replicates some of that stuff from AirDrop to Call and Message Relay, to the iCloud Keychain and clipboard.

But once you've got USB-C, the other way goes with things like external displays, again, having features that the iPad already supports, you'll be able to make the most of your iPhone if it's the only device you have with you.

Especially like Catalyst, or UIKit on Mac, make desktop versions of iOS apps a reality.

8. Satya Nadella

Microsoft's CEO was by far – arguably – the best and most compelling broadcaster on the Samsung stage yesterday. But they didn't give him anything to present.

I'd like to see him up on an Apple stage. Does not introduce Office for Catalyst – they already have full desktop versions for it. But introduces a privacy-focused set of internet tools for people who love the iPhone, but who want and need an alternative very much different from Google, Gmail and GSuite.

9. ARM Books

Ok. Sure. Nice. This has nothing to do with phones, but still everything to do with what I will see next time.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Book S, a new 13-inch laptop that has absolutely zero intel inside. Instead, the ARM-based Qualcomm has 8cx. It has LTE built-in, and it becomes like 23 hours of battery life.

And that made everyone who prefers macOS over Windows and got their heart on a MacBook running something similar to an A12X, just turn around and ask Apple – we're there yet.

Yes, just a little more.

10. Updated OLED

Apple's display team has already taken the best OLED that Samsung's process has to offer, and then done all their own mitigation, masking, color research and more. So this is the closest gimme we're going to get.

At least unless LG LG turns out good enough for dual source … or Apple's own microLED replaces it all.

Your want?

So, Pencil, colors, video bokeh, Time of Flight, super-fast charging, Microsoft, updated OLED, and throw in a MacBook ARM and I'm happy.

But I would like to know what you want to see.

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