David Barnard, developer of programs like Weather Up and Launch Center Pro, has written a comprehensive overview of tactics that are often used every day to play the App Store. He writes:

Any of these tactics may seem a bit bland individually, but when tens of thousands of apps distribute multiple tactics across many categories of apps, the effect can be measured in hundreds of millions of users and probably billions of dollars.

Tactics mentioned include the use of specific keywords, purchase of fake reviews, implementation of misleading subscriptions and more. The idea is that bad actors can squeeze the most money out of the users by following the approach Barnard outlines, which eventually gives a bad user experience that adversely affects the App Store's reputation.

Barnard reveals the article with a challenge to Apple: [1

9659005] An app is a good carrot, and Apple usually does not have apps that so blatantly flaunt App Store manipulation and user-friendly tactics, but carrot of being discussed, compared to How much money can be done by playing the App Store. It's time for Apple to hire more carrots to create great App Store experience, and use a bigger stick on those who manipulate the App Store and create terrible user experiences for Apple customers.

I love this idea as a potential solution to encourage quality apps on the App Store. The newly refurbished App Store from iOS 11 with daily features is great and there are things like Apple Design Awards on every WWDC, but if Apple wants to maintain a strong App Store quality brand, it would not hurt to find more ways to reward good developers .