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Germany's court rules Apple must provide iCloud Data access to the deceased heirs

In its unprecedented judgment, the Münster court in Germany ruled that Apple must grant heirs access to the iColoud data from the deceased.

In this way, relatives can get information about the death conditions. The government was published on Wednesday (Reference: 014 O 565/18).

Munster tingsrett grants subsidies to the deceased to access the iCloud data

The families believe that they can get some information, clues or reasons for the death of an Apple consumer. They argue that images and other documents stored in iCloud can lead to an important track.

Apart from pictures and documents, the iCloud email can give strong reasons if the deceased had committed suicide.

In a reality drama in Munster district, a father died during a trip abroad. Apple rejected the petition for relatives to access the data stored in iCloud.

When the relatives could not reach an extraterrestrial solution, they sought help from the law firm Brandi, who represented heirs in court. [1

9659002] The law firm was not willing to comment on the case. Interestingly, legal experts held that Apple had given the heirs access to the iCloud data from the given souls. An inheritance certificate was, and the problem could be solved without trial.

BGH Rolling – 2018

Earlier in 2018, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has passed a landmark smoothing in July. According to this decision, heirs or relatives may require ownership of personal content on Facebook or any electronic media. Digital content should not be treated as letters or diaries (Az III ZR 183/17).

The case involved a 15-year-old Facebook user, who was killed in a train accident at the end of 2012 in Berlin. The girl's parents wanted to know the reason using Facebook data. The Court's judgment in Münster helps the transfer of the BGH decision to other online services.

It's all friends!

Signing of …

Apple's privacy policy sometimes creates problems for law and order. When the person dies, ownership of digital content (such as material and intangible property) must be transferred to relatives or heirs.

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