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Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

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These are the best deals on cheap laptops this weekend:

What’s better than a great laptop? A great laptop that is cheap. Today, even budget machines can pack it with you to carry you through what’s on your to-do list, whether it’s work, watching Netflix, or endlessly browsing social media sites. If you want to get a new laptop yourself, but do not necessarily want to drop the life savings on it, we will make a list of the best deals on cheap laptops here, every single week. So take a look at what we found this time, and good shopping.

$ 100 for a MacBook Air is already a sweet enough deal to hit the “buy” button right away, but throw some free AirPods in the mix and it’s something you simply can not pass on (unless you want to , of course – no pressure). Just be sure to note that this offer ends October 12, and you can only redeem it via Apple’s direct website. Pour one up while you can.

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

BEST FOR WORK: – starts at $ 719.99

The HP Pavilion x360 is a great compact work laptop with decent internals, and you can customize it to your liking on the HP website – including processor replacement, memory, storage and a host of other technical specifications. Save up to $ 90 on regular prices and bring a machine that is unique to you.

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

Microsoft Surface is one of the best 2-in-1 devices you can find at this price. It is fast, versatile and ready to go with you wherever you need to be. We especially love the included detachable cover and rear stand for easier switching between device modes. Pick one up on Amazon for just $ 799 (that’s $ 230.99 off the original price).

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend


Surface Go is another great 2-in-1 laptop from Microsoft, which has an even more compact design than Surface Pro 7 which is made to take on the go (hence the name). This is a bundle deal, so in addition to Surface Go, you also get the Surface Pen and Microsoft Office 360 ​​(and you save $ 20).

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S is a super, rounded laptop that is suitable for both work and pleasure. It has a killer screen, fast processor, ample and fast SSD storage, and maintains an impressive battery life. Grab one on Amazon and save yourself $ 84.

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

You do not get a lot of storage and memory with this ultra-cheap laptop, but the 15.6-inch screen is nice and the computer works under Windows 10 Home. It has HDMI and USB ports and an SD card slot, and is capable of meeting all your basic needs – all for just under $ 300.

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

Vostro 14 3490 is a reliable work laptop that is well suited for external workers. It has a fast 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor housed in a compact 14-inch chassis and costs just $ 529 at Dell (saving $ 462.43).

Get a MacBook Air with free AirPods, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

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How to shop for a new laptop:

Choosing a laptop depends entirely on what you are going to use it for. Beginners of laptops need something user-friendly and straightforward, frequent travelers need something light with long battery life, designers and gamers need premium 4K graphics and fast central processing, and all together need something that will last.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself a simple question: PC or Mac?

This is an important question, as it is going to make a world of difference in what you can and cannot do with your computer. Are you one? A? A professional businessman? An Apple device owner? The answer to some of these will probably point you to your final answer.

If you are constantly buying the new iPhone every year, editing YouTube videos, recording a podcast or other creative endeavor of that kind, it may be best to have a Mac laptop. Apple’s obsessives will be happy with Mac compatibility with the other Apple products, and anyone can take advantage of Mac’s propensity to have better virus protection than a PC.

That brings us to the benefits of picking up a PC. You can still complete a variety of creative projects on a personal computer, but where PCs really Gloss is their ability to adapt. PCs are much easier to partially upgrade, since they are not limited to Apple-made products (such as Macs). And because it’s a seemingly endless supply of PC makers, there are many more options from which brand you chose, to what you buy, to the type of graphics card you choose for the gaming rig. Yes, should always go on the PC route – they are far more powerful than what a Mac laptop can handle, and also give you the ability to connect to VR headsets, if you are interested in that kind of thing.

What size laptop should you get?

This really comes down to two things: personal preference and lifestyle.

Personal preferences are self-explanatory, really – do you like to have a huge screen, or do you prefer something more compact?

Lifestyle is where practicality comes into play. If you travel often and usually have the computer somehow, you will want to go with something more light and compact (thin 11-inch models will most likely be best).

But if you’re a big movie buff who doesn’t normally carry their laptop, it’s a 15-inch (and taller) screen with a bulky construction, so you can have epic sessions. If you get a laptop, you should probably also “go big or go home”.

How much should you spend on a new laptop?

This is much more subjective, and at the end of the day it will really come down to your budget.

But if money is not the most important thing for you, you should really think hard about what you are going to use your laptop for to. Do you need a device with a lot of power under the hood and plenty of storage space? Aim for anything within $ 800 and outside the area. Do you only use your laptop to occasionally edit Google Doc? Then you can probably get away with spending well below the $ 500 mark. In other words, do not blow up your savings if you do not need it.

And if you want to do everything, that is, buy a laptop with every conceivable bell and whistle, you can get a monster of a machine somewhere closer to $ 2000. Why not.

Are Cheap Laptops Worth It?

You know the old saying: You get what you pay for. But thanks to the technology boom of recent decades, a cheap laptop can actually take you quite a long way and will not break immediately. It’s about knowing which one to choose. Depending on what you use your laptop for the most, it may be the best option to be stingy.

Take a look at our summaries for those we think are worth it – here are our favorite cheap laptop models, and the best.

What does it mean when a laptop is certified refurbished?

Don’t let the words “refurbished” or “renewed” scare you away – these types of devices are usually perfectly viable options and can end up saving you a lot of money without sacrificing much of anything.

A refurbished unit, in its simplest terms, is a product that is purchased but then returned for some reason. Note that we did not necessarily say that it was returned due to some kind of error on the part of the device. While that may certainly be true in some cases, it is not always true. Often, a certified refurbished laptop has not even left the original packaging.

While it is yes, it is a great benefit to buy a “refurb”, to save money, but it is far from the only reason to consider getting one. The good thing about refurbished units is that they undergo rigorous performance tests to ensure that they are still in good condition (sometimes stricter than things that come right outside the production line). There is also a chance that a refurbished laptop you buy may have been used so easily that it can almost be considered brand new (only cheaper). We are big fans of buying refurbished equipment for children, especially when it comes to electronics. If you are shopping for a laptop for a child under the age of 15, renovating is really the way to go. For high school kids and the elderly who are a little more careful with their digital equipment, a new laptop is not as risky. Of course, it depends on the kid.

Good laptop shopping!

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