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Get an Anchor Roav Dash Cam for $ 40 off ($ 110) – Review Geek

  Roav Dashcam

Dash cameras are good at proving errors in an accident or documenting road trips, but they can also be expensive. Right now, though, you can grab the Ankers Roav dashcam for $ 40 off with a coupon code.

Roaven marks the box on all the features you want in a dash camera. It comes with an internal battery and a built-in G-sensor, so if someone hits the car while it is parked, the camera will detect the movement and hopefully record what happened to you.

Anchor also includes a suction cup assembly (with GPS sensor built-in), 32GB MicroSD card and a trim tool so you can hide the wires used for power. Basically, everything you need to get started is in the box. If you want, you can replace the MicroSD card with a larger one, of course.

It is easy to get the video from the camera, just connect to the camera with the Roav app, and you can download videos and even share them online without having to disconnect the camera or remove the MicroSD card.

To receive the discount you must provide the coupon code ROAVAPC9 at the checkout.

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