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Get everything nerdy with useful Mac services

  UMC Friday rarely comes soon enough, and what I usually like to do to end the week is a Freebie from Friday; a quick review of a useful Mac app that doesn't bend your budget.

Sorry. Today, No. Can Do. But I came close with an incredibly useful tool that gives you change back from a $ 2.00 bill. It's called, smart enough, useful Mac Services, a collection of services running in OS X. Services can be one of the most underused features on a Mac. UMS is doing better. Much better. What UMS does for you is greater than the sum of the parts, and there are many parts.

First, a quick backup. Services are the contextual workflow features that are available in most apps on a Mac, built into OS X. Click almost any app menu in the menu bar and scroll down. You see services (in Safari, Chrome or Firefox, click the browser name in the menu bar to see the list of services). By default, most Macs do not have many services installed, but by clicking the Settings menu you can find a few.

 OS X Services

What useful Mac Services does is expand the number of OS X Services items that can be easily inserted into the daily workflow, as most services are available from all Mac apps .

Here is an example. UMS Mail Creation adds an option to create an email with an attachment. There's also a TinyURL-like service that creates shortened URLs, so you don't have to send nasty links to friends or colleagues.

It's just the tip of the iceberg for additional service functionality.

 Useful Mac Services

The Services menu is contextual, so not all Service Items appear in all apps (some just won't be useful, others won't work), but the list of items is comprehensive . I've been using UMS all week and still haven't gone through all the features, but the built-in is a comprehensive help manual to get you started. Some of the Symbolize features can be a little tricky to master so patience and trial and error are your friends.

Otherwise, what wouldn't you like about more functionality for a few dollars?

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