Thoughtful essay by Craig Mod on the limitations and virtues of working from an iPad Pro. This point of breaking the flow of getting work done while moving over applications is extremely relatable:

Convergence of contexts is also cumbersome. If you research in a browser and often jump back and forth between say, (actually amazing) and Safari, you will sometimes find the cursor position lost. The document you just edited was back and forth reset to the top of itself. For a long document, this is annoying and makes every CMD tab feels dangerous. It does not always happen, behavior is unpredictable and makes things worse. This brittleness interface makes you feel that you are using an operating system incorrectly.

In other typewriters, the position page may remain after a CMD tab, but the cursor position will be lost. Leading to a frustrating circus of: CMD Tab, start typing, realize nothing happens, touch screen, cursor insert in the wrong position, long press on screen to get more accurate recording, move cursor to where it should be, start typing . This murder floats. It creates a cost to swap contexts that simply do not exist on macOS, and should not exist on any modern computing device.

These things have been broken on iPad for many years (mainly since 201

5 when Split View was introduced in IOS 9). Do not even start to figure out which app in a Split View pair is the "active" one that receives keyboard input (and therefore listen to keyboard shortcuts). These small interference violations may have been fine three years ago, when we all imagined Apple was just about to bring serious multitasking to iPad; Now that we have reached this generation of iPad Pros, they are simply simply unpredictable.