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Get the best bounce with these trampolines

A trampoline is a wonderful, fun way for kids of all ages to exercise and burn energy. Even if you do not have much space to work with, there are many compact options that fit into small gardens or even a larger room inside the house. Here we have collected the best trampolines, from professional gymnastic jumping mats to smaller bounces.

Best for small rooms

JUMP POWER Indoor / outdoor trampoline

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This little Jump Power trampoline is my favorite because it is compact enough to fit in a small garden, garage or even an indoor game room. It is an excellent solution for your little jumpers, even if you do not have space. The trampoline comes with a safety net and a sweet turn so that the children can turn and jump safely to their heart̵

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$ 287 on Amazon $ 240 on Walmart

Best safety assessment

Skywalker trampoline and enclosure

For a full-size jumping experience that does not cause you to worry about child safety, the Skywalker trampoline comes with a patented safety sleeve without a slot that attaches directly to the jumping surface for seamless protection. The 10-foot trampoline also has rust-resistant spools, reinforced T-sockets and a double zipper with a locking clip system that keeps children safe.

From $ 218 on Amazon $ 370 on Target

For the gymnasts

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline

Happy Trampoline is building a weatherproof trampoline of a commercial nature that can hold over 1000 pounds. With over 100 extra long, extra strong reels, professional gymnasts and competitive jumpers can expect the best bounce money to buy. This is a serious trampoline for serious jumpers.

From $ 2,349 at Amazon

All the beautiful lights

TruJump Trampoline with Spin-N-Light

Here is a fun twist on the traditional trampoline experience. TruJump comes with a cool light function that changes and moves while you jump. It also includes a safety cabinet and a water anchor set to keep the trampoline well secured during strong winds or storms.

$ 399 on Amazon

Best for little ones

BouncePro Trampoline My First Trampoline

The smallest bouncers will enjoy the soft, safe experience of jumping on a BouncePro. The small 7-foot trampoline comes with a high cabinet and is covered top-to-bottom in soft padding. From the legs to the springs, no hard metal parts are exposed to pinch or shock small hands and heads.

$ 270 on Amazon $ 230 on Walmart

For training purposes only

JumpSport Cardio Fitness Rebounder

If you are looking for a trampoline to use at home, you can check out Jumpsport Rebounder. This small trampoline provides a dense, quiet bounce that gives you the opportunity to do a wide variety of workouts with little impact. This supports jumpers up to 250 pounds, but other models are available for different weight capacities.

$ 249 on Amazon $ 249 on Target

Shoot some hoops

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with safety enclosure and basketball hoop

Do your kiddos love to shoot hoops? Here’s the perfect combination of trampoline and basketball hoop to hone these skills. This large trampoline, available in sizes of 14 and 15 feet, also comes with a strong net enclosure and stepladder for maximum safety. For a combination of cool features and safety, this is one of the best trampolines available.

From $ 390 at Amazon

For the lake house

Island Hopper Bounce-N-Splash Water Bouncer

Island Hopper will offer hours of entertainment for your lake house! Both adults and children love to jump on and off this inflatable water spreader. It’s 10 foot durable floating fun.

$ 800 on Amazon

Let’s bounce!

As you can see, there are many fun options if your family is ready for a trampoline. I love the JUMP POWER Trampoline because it is compact enough to fit in small spaces, and it comes with a cute built-in swing! This is also safe for small children with a closed safety net and padding over the spools.

Of course, there are also options for large (professional regular) sweaters, such as the huge 16-foot Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline, and to get the best in safety, check out the Skywalker Trampoline. Here you have a selection of the best trampolines for all types of family and lifestyle. Just select and jump!

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