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Getting Started with the Logitech Slim Folio Pro

Logitech Slim Combo for the previous gene 12.9 "iPad Pro was my favorite keyboard case of all time with leaps and bounds. It checked all the boxes. It offered protection without too much added mass. It can be placed in a wide range of angles Thanks to the hinged kickstand, the button section can be separated from the iPad part and gives it a lot of versatility.It is the perfect combination of features for me

Typically, Logitech comes out with keyboard accessories shortly after the release of a new iPad but not in Last year the iPad Pros. I was pretty disappointed that nothing appeared and ended up holding my nose and buying Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio. As soon as I saw the press release for Logitech's new Slim Folio Pro for the current gene iPad Pros, I knew that I had to get one and take it to a spin.

Here's the spark. While I knew I'd try Slim Folio Pro just based on the keyboard alone, I also knew it wasn't exactly the same as for The fuck I really dug last year. Whatever the reason, Logitech decided to make this case more of a follow-up to the Create issue that came out with the original iPad Pro than Slim Combo. The adjustable kickstand and versatility of sharing iPad and keyboard apart are gone. Is the rest enough?

To be honest, I'm not quite sure yet, and I'll write something a little more detailed about it later. Here's what I can say right now. The keyboard is exactly what I expect from Logitech and is definitely the star of the show. The keys have a nice answer. They are not mushy. They are not rigid. They are just right, at least for me. The backlight also makes this a big step up from the Smart Keyboard Folio keyboard. Slim Folio Pro is a much better keyboard case.

There are also other positives. The outer material is easy to grip. If anything, the magnetic closure flap is a little too strong so you don't have to worry about this case flying open. While it's not as thin and light as some cases, it also offers solid protection for the iPad Pro as well. And even though the iPad Pro is locked to a single position and angle with this case, it is very stable and easy to use, even if it's a round.

Apple's case still has a few benefits. First, it uses the Smart Connector, instead of relying on Bluetooth. I'm not sure why Logitech returned to Bluetooth after making two Smart Connector cases for the iPad Pros, but here we are. Secondly, and partly because of the earlier design selection, Slim Folio Pro is not as thin and light as its name implies. It is noticeably thicker and heavier than Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio. So if these two features are very important to you, you might want to stick to it.

So will a great keyboard be enough? Again, I'm not quite sure yet. I've been using Slim Folio Pro for a couple of weeks now and I'm still on the fence. Despite it being wrong, it still has a shot thanks to the fact that there is so little competition. However, it's not the sequel to Slim Combo that I really hoped for.

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