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GoodLinks updated with three-column iPad layouts, widgets and new keyboard shortcuts

GoodLinks has only been out since June, but it was quick to read the later app that I dip in and out of every day. This position has only been reinforced with the frequent updates in the months since its release, including the latest update which adds a new iPad layout with three columns, widgets and new keyboard shortcuts.

The new iPad sidebar design fits particularly well with GoodLinks. The first column, which can be hidden, allows users to navigate between unread, starred, unmarked, read and tags. The tag section is collapsible, which removes the sidebar when you do not need to see a specific tag.

The second column is the article list which shows the favorite icon for each post, the title, a short excerpt, image, information about the site and the author and associated tags. The top of the second column has a button to sort from oldest to newest and vice versa, and one to add new links.

The third column is the article view. Swiping to the left on it hides the first two columns for a distraction-free reading experience, and swiping to the right brings the first two columns back. Along the bottom of the view, there is a toolbar that I covered in my original review, which can be hidden by tapping the screen.


7;s a testament to GoodLinks’ original design that things still feel very familiar before with the new three-column system standard, but I’m glad the new design has been adopted nonetheless. The new iPadOS 14 design is a common foundation that makes it more fluid to move between it and other iPad apps and gives the app a modern feel.

GoodLinks’ update also offers two types of widgets. The list widget comes in all three sizes. It can be configured to display articles from unread, starred or unlabeled lists, along with any of the tags you have used on links. It’s a great way to quickly choose a story to read. Just click on the headline, and GoodLinks will open directly for that story.

The app also offers a Link widget that comes in small and medium sizes. Link offers a randomly selected unread link you have saved to read. It’s a friction – free way to find something to read that avoids having to sift through lists yourself.

Finally, GoodLinks has added new keyboard shortcuts. Including existing keyboard shortcuts, they now hide the sidebar or sidebar and link list, add a link, search your saved links, change read and star status, and open an item in your browser. For iPad users who search through long lists of saved links, the keyboard shortcuts are a great way to work through a long list of links.

When GoodLinks debuted, I was impressed, but there were still some rough edges, especially on the Mac. In the months that followed, GoodLinks addressed these issues and moved into new territory with support for iOS and iPadOS 14 features, which is great to see. I highly recommend GoodLinks for anyone who likes to save links to read later, or who manages large collections of links for research or other purposes.

GoodLinks version 1.2 is available on the App Store as a free update for existing users.

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