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Goodnotes update adds motion control to undo and repeat

  GoodNotes 5 "border =" 0 "class =" asset image on-xid-6a010535fde333970c022ad3b97c66200d img-responsive "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c022ad3b97c66200d-800wi "style =" margin : 0px 5px 5px 0px; "title =" GoodNotes 5 "/> GoodNotes is my go-to app for taking handwritten notes on the iPad. I use it all the time to take notes in meetings and in court and I also use it at my desk just to Organize my own thoughts, I usually use a template with lines and a light yellow background so that the app mimics writing on a legal block, but I also often import a PDF and write on it, For example, If there is an agenda for a meeting, I will often import the agenda into a notebook and then, if there is space, take notes directly on the agenda, and when more space is needed, I write on a page behind the agenda. [1[ads1]9659002] GoodNotes was recently updated to version 5 and I reviewed it earlier this year, it's a great update, with full support for the second genus Apple pencil, double-click the side of the pencil to switch between your current writing tool and an eraser and then back again. </p>
<p>  An Eraser is useful when you want to change something you wrote, but sometimes everything you want to do is regret your last stroke or your last few blows. You've always been able to hit undo and repeat buttons at the top of the screen, but they're small and you have to hunt them. A few days ago, the app was updated to version 5.1 to add a very useful new feature. Now you can use two fingers to double-click anywhere on the screen to undo your last edit. Double-click again to undo even more. There is also a new gesture to redo; double-click with three fingers to repeat your last edit. </p>
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I think this is a very useful update. It takes only a fraction of a second to move the pencil in my hand so my hand is able to press on the screen with two fingers, and I find it much faster to repent by using this gesture than to find and hit the anxiety button at the top of the screen, I use the repair feature far more than I use the repeat function, but using three fingers To do so again seems to work very well.

Thanks to this update, one of the most commonly used apps in my practice now works even better, and I recommend checking out GoodNotes to take handwritten notes on an iPad .

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