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GoodTask for Mac. Download for free [Latest Version] Mac os

Good task is a powerful task / project manager based on Apple reminders and calendars. You can use it as a simple checklist to focus on or as a complex project management tool to get big things done. GoodTask 3 provides different perspectives on the things you care about and need to be done. Manage your tasks, projects and even your life better with GoodTask.

  • Synchronizes with standard storage reminders and calendars (iCloud / Exchange / etc)
  • Supports fully customizable recurring tasks
  • Manage reminders, lists and calendars easily
  • List, day, week, month view on each list
  • Add fast and smart with quick actions and snippets
  • List of selective reminders, lists and calendars
  • Filter by including or excluding text / tags
  • Filter by priorities
  • Delayed tasks, location-based tasks, recent tasks, etc.
  • Quickly edit tasks on the go
  • Mass actions to edit / control / delete multiple tasks at once
  • Duplicate, change due dates, add / change tags / lists, etc.
  • App icon and alerts
  • Dark theme
  • Support today widget
  • Time zone support
  • Sub-tasks, automatic repetition after completion, and manual sorting

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