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Google adds Haptic Feedback to Gboard for iOS

Gboard for iOS now lets you feel every push button on the iPhone. This is thanks to Google and adds haptic feedback to its iOS keyboard. Android users have had a haptic feedback for a while, but now Google offers the same feature to iPhone users.

What is haptic feedback?

Haptic feedback is exactly what the name suggests. Haptics is some kind of interaction that involves touch, and the feedback refers to what happens when you touch something. An extreme form is this technology is mid-air haptics we saw at CES 2019

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Ultrahaptics presents Mid-Air Haptic Feedback Technology

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Gboard for Android has offered haptic feedback for a while, but for some reason Google now only provides the feature on Gboard for iOS as well. Google has still turned Apple on the task, but as the standard iOS keyboard does not offer haptic feedback.

How to enable haptic feedback on Gboard for iOS

Google doesn't really make a big deal out of this. 9to5Google just happened to notice the new feature of the Gboard version 1.40 update notes. They read: "Feel your keys! You can now enable haptic keystroke feedback by going to settings."

Haptic feedback is available on all newer iPhones up to and including iPhone 7. It is not enabled by default, so to enable it, click Settings> Keyboard Setting find "Enable haptic feedback at keystrokes" and switch it over to "On".

Once activated, you will feel a slight vibration through your finger every time you press a key. This works for letters, numbers, symbols, and other options found in the Gboard. Fortunately, you can enable and disable haptic feedback when on vacation.

Download: Gong for iOS

Don't forget the usual iOS keyboard …

Haptic feedback is getting used to. So, if you enable the option, our advice is to give it a chance before you deactivate it again. It's not for everyone, but it can be useful for those who need more than a visual clue that they've pressed a button.

When Google first launched it, we called Gboard for iOS "the best iPhone keyboard yet". And it's still true for this day. However, the standard iOS keyboard has points, and there are some key iOS keyboard tips and tricks

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Worth knowing.

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