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Google Maps AR mode gets a ton of new features – Review Geek

Google's more precise placement in Live View

Google Maps has a built-in AR mode called Live View that helps you get directions and find specific places using your phone̵

7;s camera and transfer them to the real world. In a recent post on the Google blog, the company announced several new (or improved) features for Live View.

Soon it will also cover iconic landmarks in 25 cities around the world. For example, it could help you find the Empire State Building in NYC or the Pantheon in Rome. Popular tourist attractions and other important areas in the cities will make it easier to navigate new areas using Live View.

NYC Live View.

The Live View feature is also on its way to the mixed navigation interface – that is, the one that allows you to combine things like walking and public transport for a seamless navigation experience. You will soon be able to use Live View during the hiking sections of the navigation if you wish.

Live View Location Sharing is also coming soon to iOS and more Android phones. The only Pixel feature allows users to share their location with friends and family, who can then use Live View to find the exact location. The update will also improve the accuracy of the tabs, making it even easier to find precise locations using Live View.

The update will be available for both Android and iOS “in the coming weeks.”

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