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Google Maps for Apple Watch is available again

Back in August, Google confirmed that it would update the Google Maps app for Apple Watch. Unfortunately, it did not have the specific launch date at the time.

Now, almost exactly one month later, the updated smartwatch app is now available. Now people who have downloaded the latest update for Google Maps say that Apple Watch support is also live. And in fact, the official landing page for the app shows Apple Watch support.

Google withdrew support for Apple Watch for Google Maps many years ago. So for people who prefer Google’s map and navigation service, it’s likely to be welcome.

Unfortunately, it is not as complete as some might expect. The Google Maps app for Apple Watch is still dependent on the iPhone. Which means you have to enter navigation or directions on your smartphone to see them on your smartwatch. You can also see saved destinations on the laptop.

The Apple Watch supports a dedicated complication for Google Maps, and it also supports turn-by-turn navigation.

Google Maps is free and available for download now.

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