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Google Maps – Transit & Food in the App Store

As anyone else mentioned, the instructions do not accompany your physical movement. The GPS dot moves everywhere even when you are in one place, making it extremely difficult to get your bearings in an unknown location. I may not know where I am, but I know where I am (… unless Macy's men's scent has been moved outdoors and a block above). Adding to the challenge can be the street names difficult to find. You may need to zoom out a significant amount for the person you are looking for to appear. God forbid you want to zoom out and look for something in another area. Every time I've tried recently, it just brings me back to the area I am currently in.

Using transportation directions turns out to be equally uncomfortable. There will be directions to "Walk" but no explanation of where to go (no "turn left on X Street"), so you have to rely on the map and the wrong GPS. Public transport is very confusing and the opposite (maybe they are sufficient for people who are used to using public transport?). I couldn't always clearly tell when a bus / train arrived.

Not sure what happened to the latest updates, since I've reliably used Google Maps on a number of past trips. I already hated giving my data to Google, but the frustration with this app on this trip makes it easy to try something new. I imagine that orientation would be easier than using this app!

Thanks for your review! Check out some tips from our Help Center on how to improve your app's speed, as this is the likely cause of what you see: https://goo.gl/GW6uOo. Also, check out this Help Center link for some tips that can improve your positioning accuracy: https://goo.gl/XlhhQrPO1

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