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Google Project Zero security researcher moves to Apple

A researcher working for Google’s Project Zero is leaving the security team and moving to Apple to help the iPhone maker improve the security of iOS and its other operating systems.

Unveiled on Twitter on Saturday, Brandon Azad confirmed that he was leaving Project Zero in favor of a position at Apple during the following week. He will join Apple to “continue my work to improve Apple device security.”

Project Zero is Google’s security research team that focuses on finding security issues and vulnerabilities in software, both in Google’s own products and other large companies. The team works to improve the security of devices and software used by the general public by pointing out the issues to device manufacturers, before conducting an ethical disclosure of the findings.

This includes a collection of zero-click errors in Apple’s Image I / O framework that affect all of Apple’s largest platforms, and detect exploits on hacked websites targeted at iPhones.

Azad is known for his work on iOS issues, and has been credited in Apple’s update notes for both iOS and macOS releases several times. By moving to Apple, Azad may be able to help plug some of the security holes he finds remotely before they are discovered by research teams such as Project Zero.

In tweets, Azad calls his time at Project Zero “fantastic” and says that it “has been an honor to take part in this fantastic mission.” His teammates were among “the kindest and smartest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve learned so much from them,” he adds before thanking them and urging them to “keep hacking.”

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