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Google Rebrands G Suite as Google Workspace

Sometimes you can not keep track of players without an updated scorecard. Earlier this year, Microsoft rolled out a new name for its subscription-based apps and services – see “Microsoft Restructures Office 365 to” Microsoft 365 “,” April 29, 2020. Never one left in the fierce name wars, Google has kicked back, and rebranded its subscription-based G Suite collection of web apps and services like Google Workspace. It includes Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Disk, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Meet and more.

Google Workspace screen

It’s a little more than that. Google says Workspace will provide a new, integrated user experience that lets you do things like create and collaborate on a document while in a chat room; preview linked files in Docs, Sheets and Slides; and show contact information when you @ mention someone in a document. In the future, Google promises picture-in-picture meeting video conferencing in Docs, Sheets and Slides. Anyway, if you still think of Google’s Big Bits of Bits as Google Apps, Google replaced the name with G Suite back in September 2016, and you can now jump straight to calling it Google Workspace.

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