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Group Video Chat in the App Store

Meet new people and make new friends – instantly.

At Yee, we are driven by the vision of using mobile technology for the well-being of everyone and believing in a world where meeting new people through video calls is the norm. Whether it's saying hi to instant video calls, seeing what's happening in instant text chats or swiping through profiles, Yee lets you instantly connect with someone new.

At Yee, we utilize the synergistic combination of human intelligence and state-of-the-art AI video calling technology to bring the world closer together. By introducing this new wave of social media, we are creating a space where individuals can socialize, be more connected than ever before and feel happier as a result.

Group Video Calls
Meet new friends with your real life friends. Because when you and your friends want to be social together.

Direct Video Calls
Meet new friends instantly, face to face. Because when you are looking to talk to someone new.

Direct Text Chat
Meet New Friends Instantly, Without Video. For when you need a new friend to text with.

Swipe through profiles to meet new friends. Be sure to turn on the sound so you can encounter their profile songs.

Safety and Moderation
We strive to be the best at everything we do, and this includes our approach to safety moderation. Video calls use an algorithm to match you with new people, smart machine learning is constantly at work to prevent inappropriate behavior (nudity, weapons and violence), and Report and Blocking features are available in a quick 1

-touch fashion. Our goal is to provide a unique and game-changing social experience that is safe, positive and fun.

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