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Handwritten notes Making a comeback

  GoodNotes Fridays are good for freebies and real confession time. I take notes. My requirements for new applications have changed in recent years, and especially with notes apps. These days, I want a Mac app that can also work on iPhone and iPad and sync automatically between each device.

Apple's Notes app has improved significantly since OS X El Capitan and with macOS High Sierra it has become more of a mini word processor with formatting options that are easy to use and sync well with iCloud between Mac, iPhone and iPad. What's missing in most note-taking applications is what GoodNotes has.

Handwritten notes

What you can't find with TextEdit or most notes is the ability to use natural handwriting ; for writing, drawing, drawing and drawing. Some apps do, of course, but few are as cool as GoodNotes combining these features with digital vector ink and PDF comments.

 GoodNotes for iOS

Digital vector ink? It's a new one. But that's what you can expect if you know what vector drawing tools are. Instead of writing or drawing using a slightly mapped tool, vector-based tools create sharp lines that scale up or down in size and retain their sharp detail.

GoodNotes for Mac lets you view and edit documents and share them with GoodNotes for iPhone and iPad using iCloud syncing. The app also imports PDFs and images, and you can comment on each. Tools are not cumbersome or clumsy or complex. They are simple but useful.

  • Select tool – Select or turn selected text in PDF documents
  • Editing tool – Move, scale and change object color
  • Text tool – Create text objects in a document
  • Pen Tool – Perfect pen drawing with options
  • Highlight Tool – Cursor for Drawing and PDF Text Highlights
  • Eraser – Delete Lines, Drawings, Doodles

GoodNotes has another great feature for those of us who have note management problems. Versions. Versions of edited documents are stored and retrievable (be careful as it may suck up lots of iCloud storage).

Pictures and photos can be dragged and dropped between Finder and GoodNotes, and then synced to the iPhone and iPad. [19659002]   GoodNotes

GoodNotes also handles document management and organizing on Mac. How? Drag and drop. You can even add bookmarks to find a specific page in a document.

However, the biggest differentiation in GoodNotes is the digital vector color. It is fantastic. Clumsy, bitmapped drawings, doodles and notes are a fairy tale. Even documents edited on iPhone or iPad look amazing on Macs with retina screens.

 GoodNotes for Mac

GoodNotes is nicely done, instantly usable with a modest learning curve, reasonable price (and macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 versions have the same price; no hole). Using GoodNotes on an iPad Pro with pencil is a gift. GoodNotes claims " fast iCloud sync ", but it might mean " as fast as possible " since iCloud sync is not as fast as Dropbox, and it would be a good alternative to have. [19659021]
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