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Help! Black screen of days of death after fluid damage: mac

So I stupidly knocked a gin and lemonade on my MacBook a few days ago. I showed up as much as I could say stupid, did not turn it off.

It was a healthy “splash” and the MacBook kept working. I let it go for a few days, and when I got back to it, it worked well.

So today when I streamed to the debate, the screen went black. The sound still worked and the keyboard lit up, I could dim and light up the screen, but it was still black.

I turned it off, and when I restarted it, it was the same. The keys sounded, could dim / light up black screen, the keys could light up and dim.

I tried all the forum tips to start in safe mode, recovery, PRAM, etc., but to no avail. I tried to do the flashlight test to see if it was just the backlight, but nothing came up.

I now imagine that I have eaten something with splashes, will it be an expensive repair? I’m based in the UK, but moving to Portugal on the 18th and need a MacBook for work.

It is a 13 ”MacBook Pro from 2016. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I feel like an idiot for not turning it off right away and wiping it out properly.

I just hope I do not have to unpack a brand new MacBook. I have booked a Genius Bar deal (I do not have apple care), but it is not until Saturday and it only takes 7 days until I leave the country. I have also sent a local workshop via email which has good reviews. I just hope it is not a big cost, if anyone has any ideas how much it can / should be?

Sorry for the hike, I panic.

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