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Help, delete my internal hard drive before selling it. : mac

I’m planning to sell my mac since I recently bought a new one.

I was told that just deleting everything and deleting the hard drive is not enough. A later heard that you could go to: Disk Utility> Delete> Security Options so you can delete things up to 7 times. So it’s safe.

However, I do not have “security options”, some computers just do not have access to it.

(Here’s where I’m stuck) I was told that it works just as well to just encrypt everything on filevault, and then delete everything, by going to: disk tools> click on my hard drive > file> unlock, then delete everything.

But it comes with two questions: 1, when I do, “unlock” does not open when I select “file”

2, when I deleted everything privately (passwords and everything I absolutely do not want anyone else to see) I’m not sure I even had filevault enabled at the time, I think I enabled filevault AFTER I deleted everything I did not want someone else to see.

Basically: If I deleted my disk without filevault enabled, and after a while when I used my mac as usual, enabled filevault, and then deleted everything, it also does proper deletion of everything I deleted a long time ago, when I did not have filevault enabled?


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