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Help me identify this Apple Watch? : Apple watch

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, it probably is. Ok so I'm trying to buy this used series 4 clock and the person I buy from is not very tech-literate, so they don't know what they have.

I told them to read the bottom of the clock and they replied with "40mm aluminum ceramic case ion glass". Needless to say, I have difficulty identifying which model this is, nor do I know too much about the different variations in these smart watches, so it does not help. Someone has any idea, or did they put out too much info to tell? I can see that it is least black around the edges, but I can't see the band.

Another question is how do I tell if they are an icloud or activation lock (or what I would be called, I used to buy used phones, never bought a smart watch before). I have to bring an iphone with me to tell because I have a lying around, thanks again.

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