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Governs Her Majesty-Ish

This "game" took me a while to find out how to play, but I have come up with a good answer that will not hurt me and will not be too much to worry about before I encounter an unnecessary death of a crowd. "Regents Her Majesty" is a sequel to the first regimes game. Basically, it is a strategy game of logic where all the choices will result in your present time as a queen of your death. Depending on how long you live for, the choices you make will eventually kill you. The goal of the game is simple: You have four icons that fill in yellow. One is a cross (representing the Church), One person (your reputation in your kingdom), A sword (your strength), and a dollar sign (your money). With these four icons, do not fill them too high or too low, otherwise it will result in death. You also have goals that you can complete with which queen you are, and if you do these, you will receive rewards that will be saved in your bag, which will be saved later, and can be used when the pyramid icon flashes over your bag when available. During this game you meet a sign called Allmor (basically a pagan goddess) and she rolls you in with special things and advice where you can either serve her or earn your own God (be the Church). However, as the more you hang out with Allmor, the less you can dramatically rename your reputation with the Church. Overall it's a great game and fun to play.

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