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Hide the little one using a costume

Babies do not need help in the sweetness department. But if you want to be bold and risk taking the sweet factor up several notches, the answer is to add a costume. Masquerading is a seriously stupid business, and as you can imagine, there are many fun options designed to cut the little one into characterized sweetness, from food-inspired to fantastic. To help narrow down the wonderful whimsical choices, we have chosen baby costumes that are perfectly suited to take the “awww” with you.


7;s baby avocado costume

The staff chooses

Let the little one take a guac on the food-y side disguised as the ever-popular fruit, avocado. You toast this almost edible look after the sweetness, made of cozy, soft microfleece. The simple hood with hood authentically captures the layered, pitted appearance of an avocado half, even topped with a stem and a leaf. For extra warmth, the suit is accompanied by a white long-sleeved cotton T-shirt and matching striped socks. Full-bodied and ripe for picking, this cute costume choice will be the perfect way to win hearts. You can pick up this design in several sizes. But if you are allergic, there are also several other equally sweet options, including llama, shark and pineapple.

From $ 40 at Amazon

Monterous fun

Rubies Pinky Winky monster costumes

Monsters are usually meant to scare, but this friendly character rejects the sinister misunderstanding. It’s almost scary how cute this suit really is. The super cozy monster of packing the little one with soft pink fur and inviting details that can even deserve a giggle. With a pair of horns, two googly eyes and even a formal tie, this little monster is ready to make an impression. Choose from the available size options to suit your little monster.

$ 21 at Amazon

Lion around

InCharacter Lovable Lion Infant Costume

Be proud of your little one with a lion suit to match the bold personality. The spirit of that jungle cat is trapped in the soft and sweet, almost plush animal-like sweetness of this costume. Your little cat will be on the hunt in no time with this simple foot jumpsuit design complete with grippy paws and a snap-bottom closure. But the main feature that makes this suit extremely cute is the lion’s head piece because it has flop ears and a full, messy mane. This machine washable polyester suit is available in several size options.

From $ 20 at Amazon

Only rabbit

Simplee bunny romper

When you keep it simple, it is best to choose something cozy. And this cozy cotton suit makes the cut of more than just a hare. With a pair of floppy ears sweetly placed on the charming hood, this simple whole will keep your baby comfortable while fulfilling his sweetness quota. Made from a soft rib knit and finished with a zipper throughout the body, these rabbit trousers are a great decision for the best future rabbit in the cage. Choose from a variety of available colors and size options.

$ 19 at Amazon

Go bananas

InCharacter Lil ‘Monkey Infant Costume

Climby and evil babies need an outfit to match. And what better way to honor their wicked behavior than with a monkey costume? Little ones will pull off a chimpanzee charade with this cute design. With textured fur, contrasting fleece accents and a curly tail, there is nothing to tell what problems a baby monkey can get into. The costume consists of a warm, lined body with a zipper and snap bottom, monkey hood and non-slip boots. As a bonus, this style is even machine washable. Several size options are available for a perfect fit.

$ 37 on Amazon

Shark-y melodi honoree

Rubies baby shark suit

Baby Shark Song is an infectious ditty that continues to fall in love with little ones with its fun beat. Small shark enthusiasts who are ready to take a dip in the sea will love the colorful interpretation of the toothed fish. Made from warm fleece, this yellow-colored shark fumble has fins, pointed teeth and a tail (specially designed to conduct oceanic-inspired dance). This costume even has a soundtrack that plays the classic melody, so the music can be enjoyed when used. Available in a variety of sizes, including infants and toddlers, and this range under the sea is the perfect option.

$ 21 at Amazon

Dress-up fun

Young children who want to make an over-the-top cute statement can do so with a costume. From small animals to amazing creatures, there are many great options to enhance the sweetness. However, our first choice is a fruit. Carter’s baby avocado costume is an easy favorite because of its detailed design that accurately characterizes a green avocado half, pit and everything. The warm microfleece hood with hood is even paired with a long-sleeved tee and striped socks for extra coziness.

If you are looking for a small maintenance option, Simplee baby bunny hooded butts are an easy choice. Constructed of soft cotton, this long-eared rabbit-inspired full piece is as cozy as it is sweet. The footless design even attaches easily with a full-length zipper.

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