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Hold out for Watch 6? : Apple watch

Hi all! I’m a relatively newbie to Apple gadgets. I bought my first iphone (6s) in 2016 and upgraded to 11 in November 2019. Beyond that, I have had no desire to immerse myself in the Apple world. Until now. My Fitbit Charge 3 no longer cut it, so I sold it last month and planned to get an apple watch. The plan was to get 3, until I realized that 6 planned to be launched this fall. Now I discuss between 5 and 6. Although there are rumors about the 6 that will be launched in a few days, there is also new info it can launch in October now. I have also read that launching a product does not mean that it is immediately available for sale. I need to buy something in the next few weeks – should I persevere for 6 or continue and get 5? I̵

7;ve heard that the price of 5 may fall when 6 comes out, so that’s another factor to consider. I’m fine with a price range of around $ 400.

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