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Hooke Fresh Wireless 3D Audio Headset Review

Most professional videographers agree that high quality audio quality is just as important, if not more than that, of high quality video recording. Watching a low-resolution YouTube video with great sound reproduction is far more tolerable than watching a high-resolution, poor-quality video. That is why I find it so surprising that Apple has focused so much on its iPhone, has attention to camera and video recording quality, while still using a round of the turbine's built-in sound microphone. The founders of Hooke Audio saw this subpar configuration in not only the iPhone but other smartphones and video recording devices like GoPro, and built a product to cope with this disagreement. Read on to find out if their Hook Verse stereophonic recording headphones ($ 1

59.99) succeed in eliminating this problem with mobile audio recording.

The Hooke Verse looks like a regular Bluetooth wireless headset, albeit rather bulky to house the electronics and large battery required to help the headset achieve its impressive 9-hour stereo recording and 10-hour audio playback time. It takes a little practice not only to place the headset with the earplugs attached to the memory wire cables to rest comfortably over the upper ear's upper ear, while the earplugs maintain a tight seal in the ear canal. Without this setup, audio playback tends to lose the low end base of a tinny lackluster listening experience. It took several attempts to properly position the headset, and even with the memory wire saving the gang configuration, it takes me several seconds and focused attention to attach the headset to the ears. So if you are looking for a headset, you can quickly throw it on, this is not it. But that's not what this headphone's main goal is, as the unique, small microphones on the outside of the earbuds clearly show.

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When you have turned on and connected to an iPhone, the headset can be used as any other Bluetooth headset, free calling. This feature is expected to appear in a firmware update later this year. But it wasn't this headset was mainly built for. Instead, it is essentially a stereophonic sound recording rig that is built into a simple portable headphone monitor. And when used effectively, it will permanently change your expectations to capture quality sound with your iPhone.

Using the Hooke Verse audio recording capability, it's done through Hooke Audio's free Binaural 3D Audio app. Now I understand why Hooke pushes the 3D audio angle into the product names, as it takes faster attention than just stereo sound. If there were real 3D audio recordings, there would be more than two microphones, and playback would require a surround sound headset with discrete 5 or more channel separation. The headset detects in stereo and the app captures this stereophonic signal input. This also allows anyone with a stereo headset to hear audio or playback video in full stereo sound. And the sound recording quality is impressive, especially in the light of the small microphones that form the outside of the earplugs.


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