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Hope and Expectations for Apple's 2019 – MacStories

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Forward-looking columns about Apple's New Year business are usually saved in late December, but I wanted to get ahead of all these pieces because we now know what Apple's full 2018 product line looks like. While new AirPods and AirPower chargers are both suspiciously still absent and one or both theoretically could be launched via press releases at any time, most likely what we now have from Apple is what we want again after the new year begins. As such, it seems like a great time to start sharing hope and expectations for the year to come.

Hardware-wise, it seems like 2019 may end up with a relatively dull year for Apple, which should not be a surprise considering how impressive 2018 has been. You can not get radical redesigns of large products every year.

We know that the new year will bring a new Mac Pro, but that product appeals to a very niche group of customers. Perhaps there will be a new iMac form factor, but most Macs look good for small speed holes and more. I doubt we want to see new iPad Pros, or if we do, they will certainly be very small updates that do not add much to Apple's just debuted third generation models. Apple Watch is in a similar place, having gained a new form factor; A potentially big change, though, would be if Apple could finally add a continuous viewing mode in 2019.

When new iPhones start in September, it's unlikely we'll see major changes in iPhone X design. I would not figure it out at all, but it feels like Apple will ride the same design for a year or two before another significant revolution. What I expect from new iPhones is a strong focus on photography enhancements. Apple took a big step forward with Smart HDR this year, but it needs another big step to better compete with Google's Pixel phones, and to know Apple's competitive driving, I'm sure the camera will be a major focus area for the company next walk year.

With regard to other hardware, hopefully AirPower and new AirPods finally debut. But in addition to the more secondary products, it seems that there is not much else on the horizon. Apple's reported work on AR glasses and car-related projects do not seem to debut before 2020, leaving 2019 for the most part as an iterative update year.

However, software and services are the areas where I'm most concerned with Apple's prospects in 2019. Regarding software, iOS is definitely my main area. I'm interested in seeing what the center cycle iOS 12.3 brings to the table, especially since the 12.1 launch, there are no outstanding features announced on WWDC, which has not yet been released – Apple needs some surprises in the store for us. The most exciting release will probably be iOS 13, but with its famed iPad focus as the perfect complement to Apple's new iPad Pros. I already love using an iPad as my primary computer everyday and I can not wait to see how the platform grows even stronger next year.

In addition to anything iOS 13 brings, I hope that shortcut enhancements can help further improve iPads capabilities as well. I would like to have the ability to schedule shortcuts to automatically trigger at certain times and it would also be great to be able to program shortcuts that appear on my lock screen, in Search and on the Siri face for certain time periods on certain days. The more control that can be put in the hands of the users, the better.

In the service area, I'm looking forward to Apple's upcoming slate with original TV content, and hope the company can beat deals with big players in the streaming market for more integrations with the TV app – Netflix is ​​the only big holding now, but when Disney launches Their streaming service next year, they can be difficult to get on board as well. I'm also interested in how services like Apple Music and News continue to evolve. There are not any special new features or major changes I'm hoping for, but I'm curious to see if Apple continues to offer iterative improvements to better compete with services like Spotify, for example. Or in terms of news, a potential subscription offer and a continued expansion of human cure can make the service more formidable in the new year.

To summarize my expectations and expectations for 2019, I'm going to say that, because I'm so pleased with 2018's outstanding hardware releases, software and services have become the most convincing areas I'm looking to get into the new year. As someone who always looks forward to the latest and best hardware, it proves Apple's good work in 2018 that I'm doing well in 2019 to be an "off" year.

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