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Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows

Every other day we read news that says Instagram was hacked, or hackers stole user data from Facebook. The internet revolution is great, but it certainly comes with a lot of risk. At the same time, we cannot cut our ties from the internet; It is a part of our lives now. When you connect to the Internet, you are vulnerable to cyber attacks and VPNs like Hotspot Shield can help you a lot.

Even if you do not visit any website, keep Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android connected to the internet, you expose your data to hackers. That's because when you connect to the Internet, you send your IP address and hackers can use it to penetrate the device and get what they want.

Maybe I'm a little too excited here; It is not so easy to hack the device with only IP address, and also hackers do not target average users. The iPhone, Mac, Windows and Android also have enough security to resist most such cyber attacks. It will take special effort to penetrate the unit.

It's not just about hacking, data mining is also a big business, and it's no secret. You visit many websites on the internet, and they collect a lot of information about your purchase preferences, browsing options, etc. With a VPN as a Hotspot screen, this can be eliminated. If this has got your attention now, stick with me through this post and you will understand the importance of having a VPN.

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# 1. Encryption and No-Log Policy

Whatever information you send over the internet is under attack. If it is not encrypted, it is likely that you will lose the data of some spooky Nigerian princes. For this reason, it is better to have a decent VPN that encrypts all your data, no matter what you do on the internet.

Another reason to have the Hotspot Shield VPN is that when you browse the web, you give Search Engines a chance to track you and collect your browsing history, preferences and much more. Based on this data, you are targeted to specific ads where you prefer to go online. If you have a VPN, this is eliminated, since your original IP address is hidden, there is no way these trackers can track you. In addition, Hotspot Shield uses military encryption and protects all information.

Now you may already be wondering if VPN protects you from search engines, then the VPN obviously has your data. That's right, but Hotspot Shield has No-Log policy. This means that the information you provide is not stored anywhere on the company's server. It is only used for real-time processing.

# 2. Bypass Geo Restrictions

You can probably have landed in a situation when you click a YouTube video link and see a message saying that the video is not available in your country. This is because the creator has limited access to a particular country.

In such a situation, Hotspot Shield VPN lets you access any geographically limited content without any problems. It is possible because the company has thousands of servers worldwide, you have to choose the country from the list in the app and you can access that content without any problems.

# 3. Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the common misconceptions about VPN is that they reduce Internet speeds. But that's not the case with Hotspot Shield VPN. They have optimized servers to give you the best possible speed. On top of that there is no cloak associated with your account. Some VPN providers give you full speed for a few MB or GB, but then the speed next to the dead.

Hotspot Shield VPN gives you unmanned bandwidth all the time. Having tried it personally, I can say that you won't even notice the slightest difference in speed. But again, it all depends mostly on your original internet speed. If you have a bandwidth measurement, VPN cannot give you full speed because eventually your internet connection is slow.

# 4. Let's talk numbers

Hotspot Shield has 2500 servers in 25 different countries. That means 100 servers per country. What does this mean to you? This means whatever country you connect to; You will receive full speed without lag. In addition, the company has over 30 patents to optimize VPN speeds.

In terms of security, the company has patented a VPN protocol used by 70% of the world's largest security companies. In terms of performance and safety, the company claims to be number one in the list.

Talk about popularity, the Hotspot Shield VPN user base consists of 200 different countries, a total of 650 million users over Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome. It's a remarkable figure.


Hotspot Shield VPN is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome browser. It is a free version also available for the platforms mentioned above, but with limited functionality or for limited time. If you choose to subscribe, the available plans are below:

  • Monthly Subscription – $ 12.99
  • Annual Subscription – $ 5.99 / month
  • 3 Year Subscription – $ 2.99 / Month

Buy Now [19659002] Hotspot Shield VPN is

  • One month subscription – $ 39.99
  • Six month subscription – $ 29.99 / month
  • One year subscription – $ 19.99 / month

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For more information, visit HotspotShield.com

That's all for now!

Wrapping up …

Having tried multiple VPN apps on different platforms, Hotspot Shield VPN is credible and delivers as promised. Also, their support is quick and they know how to solve the problem. This is what makes me paste on their services. The only thing is that they have no native app for Ubuntu.

Do you use any VPN app while browsing the internet? If so, which one? Share it in the comments. And don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

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