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HotSwitch 1.21 – Quick and easy windows switcher.

HotSwitch is a window switch app that uses two-stroke keyboard shortcuts for mac OS
It provides the fastest window replacement, no matter how many windows there are

As a 2-stroke hotkey

HotSwitch gives you a two-stroke shortcut way to switch windows. The steps are as follows

  • Press the global hotkey to display the panel. (default: Command +.)
  • Enter a registered key combined with the target window, and then a change is made

The registered keys are always a fixed key. This means that you can change each window just by pressing the fixed key, the one that is active
Furthermore, even if one program has two or more windows, each window appears on the panel and can be activated in exactly the same way
You do not have to think about the order of windows with complex overlap

In a moment

You can use Command + Tab for the default window changer for macOS, otherwise you can use Mission Control or Dock and move the pointer and click a window. However, these ways are not smart
This is because you need to search, recognize and find where the target window you want to activate. It takes time to find the window. Needless to say, moving the pointer and clicking on the window is not quick
HotSwitch has used a quite different method

7;s a two-stroke keyboard. The key binding is loose at all times. Therefore, you do not need time to think, and it is fast. You can change windows in an instant
When you were thinking “Let’s switch to the window …”, and at that moment the switch would already be complete

Version 1.21:

  • Fix focus on other screen windows
  • OS X 10.9 or later

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