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House lawmakers condemn Big Tech’s ‘monopoly power’ and call for their breakup

The report said Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google as “gatekeepers” to common and controlled prices and distribution of goods and services. It got third-party companies – such as app developers on Apple’s App Store and sellers on Amazon’s marketplace – to follow the company’s requirements, the report states. The word monopoly appeared in the report almost 120 times.

“Without restrictions on technology companies owning and competing on their own platforms, which are the only options for so many small businesses, it takes away any real sense of competition,” the rep said. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat in Washington who has been a vocal critic of Amazon.

Even without full bipartisan support, the report sets an important foundation, said Gene Kimmelman, a former senior antitrust officer at the Justice Department. He said the breakup of AT&T in the 1980s was backed by policies set by Congress. Tuesday’s report, he said, was “the basis of legislation and regulation that allows antitrust cases against Google, Facebook and others to actually break the markets for more competition.”

Google disputed the findings, saying the free service had been a boon to consumers. “Google’s free products like Search, Maps, and Gmail are helping millions of Americans,” the company said in a statement, “and we have invested billions of dollars in research and development to build and improve them.” We compete fairly in a fast and very competitive industry. ”

Amazon said the committee’s recommendations could end up hurting small businesses and consumers.

“Lack of thinking will have the primary effect of forcing millions of independent retailers out of online stores, depriving these small businesses of one of the fastest and most profitable ways to reach customers,” Amazon said in a blog post. “Far from increasing competition, these uninformed performances will instead reduce it.”

Apple “completely disagrees with the conclusions of this personnel report,” the company said in a statement. “The App Store has enabled new markets, new services and new products that were unimaginable a dozen years ago, and developers have been the key beneficiaries of this ecosystem,” the company said.

Facebook disagreed that the mergers with Instagram and WhatsApp were restrictive of competition. “We compete with a wide range of services with millions, even billions of people, using them,” the company said in a statement. “Acquisitions are part of every industry, and only one way we innovate new technology to provide more value to people.”

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