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How accurate is Apple Watch training data? : Apple watch

I have my more than 2 years now, and I just love to close the rings, but since a few days I have asked myself how accurate the burned calories are as they enter there. As they have my age, my height and my weight (which I update in Happy Scale every Saturday and transferred automatically to Apple Health), and if I use it all day, they know my HR and they see exactly how much I & # 39 ; I'm moving around.

Now I carry my watch from after getting up in the morning until I go to bed and Apple Health gives me a resting energy every day around 1700 cals. My BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate, so the number of calories a person burns all day without activity) according to a website is 1440 cals and at sedentary level 1

727 cals. So, in my opinion, what Apple gives me as dormant energy is a sedentary level.

Now e.g. Yesterday, the clock put a total of 515 activity scales on top, and the app itself says I burned 2215 cals all day. I haven't done any exercises yesterday, this number must have come from just going (I did 10,800 steps yesterday). But here's what I don't get now: Why is there 515 activity cooler extra? Doing 10,000 steps I will classify as sedentary, so think so, they should have been included in the 1700's Resting Energy by Apple.

So I checked the mighty internet again and for sure, it says that 10,000 steps could get up to around 380 cals. So 1440 + 380 = 1820. This is a little more than the resting energy says, but still miles away from a total of 2215 cals.

So what ****? Where do the extra calories come from? Or isn't Apple Health / Apple Watch as accurate as I thought?

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