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How Apple could simplify its complex iPhone series this fall

It may just be July, but it's never too early to start wondering about Apple's next major announcements. We're probably another seven or eight weeks from the company's annual September event, and while little is known about what Apple might have on his sleeves, a new iPhone set up seems like a sure thing. (After all, it's not like Cupertino just goes up and stops making them.)

I was waiting for an Apple Store recently to help my wife upgrade from the iPhone 6, and then we jumped down the list of available models, I found myself thinking back to the two-to-two product network I discussed just last week and how antithetically it looks to the current crop of iPhones.

It's not inherently bad: not everything must fit nicely into a grid. But even though Apple's phone line has a method of its madness, it remains quite confusing to the average customer. Looking forward to the 201

9 iPhone lineup, I wonder if it's time to start thinking about slimming things a bit.

Seven did you eat?

Apple introduced the iPhone 7 in 2016 and followed it up with the iPhone 8 in 2017. The two phones mostly have the same form factor, the biggest external difference being the back of the phone, which changed from aluminum to glass to allow inductive charging . Internally, of course, 8 has a better piece and some other improvements.

But even a technologically knowledgeable person who looks at the two sides will be hard pressed to list many of these differences. For a potential customer, the biggest differences are the capacity – the iPhone 8 comes in 64 GB or 256 GB models, while the iPhone 7 is available in 32 GB or 128 GB – and of course the price difference of $ 150 to $ 200, depending on that capacity.

There is little question that the iPhone 7 has remained in the line-up for two primary purposes: First, to provide an attractive price of $ 450 for cost-conscious iPhone customer and others, and thus, to provide a simple escalation path . After all, many potential buyers can find the iPhone 7 input level of 32 GB too small, and if you're already going to pay the extra $ 100 for a 128 GB model, why not throw in the last $ 50 to get a newer phone in Apple

  Apple iPhone 8 Colors Apple

The iPhone 8 will probably be offering at the least expensive end of Apple's iPhone range.

Obviously, Apple needs a phone to hold down the lower end of the price spectrum, but I would be surprised to see the iPhone 7 lever around this year. In all likelihood, the iPhone 8 will be the new least expensive phone while the iPhone 7 follows its predecessors, 6 and 6, to Valhalla's large ports.

But there is another possibility that lurks out there. What about this year has a new phone with the same chassis as the models, but further updated internals. Call it, oh, I don't know, iPhone 9? (Unless it's a kind of strange technique superstition, both Apple and Microsoft have fallen into the city.) It would give a newer technology phone at a somewhat lower price point, and consumers feel they are buying the oldest of the old phones while drawing one. line between these models and the latest and shiny.

Ten is the loneliest number

The top side of Apple's iPhone lineup has its own complexity with last year's introduction of the iPhone XR. Provided as a cheaper version of the flagship X / XS line, the XR is a significant leap from the old iPhones in capability, but also in price. It's obvious that Apple wants to shift as many buyers as possible to the X-Series phones, but even XR's $ 749 entry price is a tough sale.

  iphone xr colors Apple

What happens to the iPhone XR?

So maybe the biggest question is what happens to the top of the iPhone series this year? Last year the Apple 2017 iPhone X stopped instead of continuing to offer it at a cheaper price; The company can repeat this move this year and send the XS in favor of the latest model, but what about the iPhone XR? Will it be a successor, will it stick to a lower price point, or will it be sent to the trash bin of history as its spiritual predecessor, the iPhone 5c?

Personally, my suspicion is that Apple wants to keep the top end of iPhone roster up to date with the latest and greatest technology. Maintaining these price points with new models keeps the customers striving, instead of being able to get much the same with older models selling for less. (I suspect that was why the iPhone X did not stick to the discount.)

Having said that, it would be nice if the XR came in a smaller size as well. Small phones are really not being served right now and have two sizes of XR to go with two sizes of the XS sequel and the supposed iPhone 9 will definitely simplify matters for good, better, best options. It may not be a two-to-two grid, but it would certainly make it easier to find out which phone to buy.

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