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How can I recover a Mac formatted external hard drive?

My boyfriend has an external hard drive with a lot of pictures on it from Mac. She wanted to transfer the files to her PC, but soon we discovered that Macs and PCs use different formatting standards for hard drives. Basically, I ran diskmgmt.msc after plugging the external hard drive into the PC to make sure that the computer saw it (since it was not shown under My Computer), and it really did – but Windows asked me to specify what type of file system it was. I don't remember exactly what the two options it was presented, but I chose it as the default option. I think it started with G. It was only later that I learned that I had to use third-party software to do so.

Now I'm worried that just by telling Windows to choose one of the two file systems, it may actually have made some real changes to the disk partition system, making it a brick. Because now when we go back to connect the drive to Mac, this message comes up:

The disk you inserted cannot be read by this computer.

Is it possible that the window disk slider actually changed the partitions when I told it to expect a particular type of file system? Is there any way I can get this drive to work on a Mac again?

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