We have all been there. You sign up for a new service or create an account for a new app and you will be asked to select a password. You know that you should use a strong random password, but in a rush to get started, take the easy path and choose a weak, memorable password instead of the least resistance.

Apple has pushed back the bad habits with new iOS features designed to combat password recovery by scrolling the calculator on the head. In an excellent presentation released on PasswordsCon 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden last week, Apple Engineer explains Ricky Mondello iCloud Keychain features implemented in the iOS page iOS 1

1 and the thinking behind them. He also provides tips and resources for web and app developers who want to integrate better with these features.

What I especially like about Mondello's talk is insight into the thought and effort that has been made to make good passwords easy to make. It's not something I've thought of much before, something that I take as a sign that Apple's Safari and ICloud key ring engineers succeed.

The presentation is also fascinating from a design and user experience perspective. As Mondello explains, people are incapable of creating and remembering random passwords. There is a problem that is right in a computer's boardroom, but one that also requires users' trust and understanding for their habits to solve.

I recommend watching Mondello's talk. There are many interesting implementation details throughout the conversation and insight into the thinking behind them, which is approximate if you have a background in the topics covered or not.