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How not to make availability • furbo.org

I'm 57 years old and my vision is getting worse every year. As a result, I have a fresh gratitude for accessibility features that Apple builds on their products: they are a lifeline for people who are having problems worse than mine.

With such a unique and coordinated effort for accessibility, it's surprising to see Apple send a major OS release with a green usage issue. But that's what we have in watchOS 4 when bold is enabled.

I originally started using bold text on the recommendation of a friend and for aesthetic reasons. But when I used this feature, I found it to help me read the information on my watch. It became an important part of my user experience.

If you are one of the lucky people who do not use bold on watchOS 4, you're used to seeing clear and sharp icons for complications:

On the other hand, if you use bold to help with readability, you find that the complication icons are unclear and sometimes impossible to distinguish:

In particular, this problem is the unpredictive rendering that has existed since I first reported it in watchOS 2.2 over two years ago!

(The gray part of the image above is a template for what's going to be rendered, the blue part is what's drawn on the screen.)

It's annoying when your assets are not displayed properly, but the fresher objects in Clicker do not affect availability.

But now this problem has worked on the most important part of my Apple Watch and makes it difficult for me to tell what's on my face. It's time to either fix this damn mistake or rename the setting. Fat text and complications that look like donkey .

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