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How the hell do I remove a restriction? : iOSProgramming

I can not display code because it is for my job, but basically I have a view with a picture and a button at the top right. The image is downloaded, so when the view is first displayed, I set the lower limit on the button to be equal to the lower limit of the view.

When the image is downloaded, I try to remove the button restriction (since it makes the view only 40 points high), and the image will change the size of the view and the view will be higher.

The problem is that I have called isActive for false, disable and even removed the button for the bottom limit of the button (to see the bottom), and then I add the picture height limit BUT every time the picture height is added, the console tells me that there are problems with limits. Especially something like this:

> button.bottom == view.bottom (active)

How is it active when I have tried to remove it several times ?? I have made isActive = false, NSLayoutConstraint.deactivate, and even remove Constraint. But why is it still active? I have even done updateConstraints () after removing it, and still the console says it is active.

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