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How to change app icons in iOS 14 on iPhone

Immediately after the launch of iOS 14, you may have seen many users customize app icons on the iPhone and share them on social media. By using the desired photos, you can also create amazing home screens on iPhone. Ready to know more? Let me tell you all about it and show you how to change app icons on the iOS 14 home screen using the shortcut app.


  • When you tap these custom app icons, the Shortcuts app opens and then the main app.
  • These custom app icons do not show warning signs – the small red dots in the corner of the app icon with a number in them.

It is a good idea to have the fancy app icons / photos stored in the Photos app. You can get aesthetic app icons from sites like Icons8, Pinterest, etc. You can also select photos from the Files app or click on one during the process.

How to change app icons on the iOS 1
4 home screen using shortcuts

  1. To open Shortcuts app. Make sure you are in My shortcuts category.
  2. Press plus button Upper right.
  3. Press Add action.open the shortcuts app, tap plus on the shortcuts tab, then tap Add action on iPhone
  4. Press Scripting β†’ Open the App. Or you can also search for ‘Open the App.tap scripting and then tap open app on iphone
  5. Press Select. Now tap on the desired app if home screen icon you want to change.press select and select app in the shortcuts on iPhone
  6. Then press More icon (three dots) top right. Press Add to the Home screen.tap more and then tap add home screen on iphone
  7. Touch the shortcut icon and select one of the three options – Select file, select image, take photo. If your photo is in the Photos app, tap Select photo. Now tap on the desired image and then tap Select.select preferred option select photo and then press select on iphone
  8. Optional but recommended: Rename the shortcut. Although you can give it a name, it will be convenient to use the app name.
  9. Finally, press add Upper right. Press Finished to finish.type name and tap add to change app icon on iPhone running iOS 14

The shortcut icon is added to the home screen. Repeat the process for all other apps you want.

The above method also works on iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Important note

We do not actually change the app icon with these steps, but just create a quick shortcut to launch that app, and this shortcut has the desired app icon image.

Now, to have a fully customized look, hide the original app from the Home screen in the App Library. To do this, long press on the app icon β†’ Remove app β†’ Remove from the home screen.

long tap on the app icon tap on remove app and then tap on remove from home screen on iphone

After this, you only have the custom icons on the Home screen, and the original app is only available in the App Library, which you can access by swiping from right to left on the last Home screen.

Logging off

How to change app icons on iPhone. Furthermore, you can also use a combination of widgets to make the iPhone home screen even more exciting. Also, you need to check out our list of the best third-party home screen modules.

Using these custom app icons and widgets, people have created some unique iPhone home screens. Take a look.


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