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How to change email address for email app on iPhone or iPad

Most of us keep multiple email accounts in order to have more flexibility or better manage personal and professional life. And I'm no exception to that. However, there is an email address that I use more than the other.

The e-mail app makes it easy to change the default e-mail account on iOS devices. So I prefer to put the frequently used email address as a favored alternative. Aren't you aware of this useful feature? Let me show you how it works!

How to change email account in email application on iPhone and iPad

Step # 1. Start Settings app on your iOS device.

 Open settings on iPhone paired with Apple Watch

Step # 2. Now, scroll down and press Mail.

 Tap Mail app on iOS settings

Step # 3. Scroll down and press Default account.

 Touch Standard Account in iOS Mail App Settings

Step # 4. Then you must select the account you want to use. Then exit the settings.

 Change the default email address of the iPhone app and iPad

Sticky note: You can add multiple email accounts to the Mail app. To do so, go to Settings app → Passwords and accounts → Add account → Select preferred email provider and sign in to your account.

 Add Multiple Email Accounts to the iOS Mail App

In the future, all your emails will be sent from this account unless you choose to go with the other option.

How to switch between email accounts on iPhone and iPad

Switching between email accounts is quite easy. So, even if you have set one as the default option, you will be able to choose the other email address without any problems.

Step # 1. Just open the Mail app on your iOS device and compose an email as usual.

Step # 2. Now you have to press cc / bcc, From.

 Press cc, bcc, Off in iOS Mail App

Step # 3. Then press Off . Then you should see your other email account at the bottom. Select it . After that, send the email as usual.

 Switch between email accounts on iPhone and iPad

That's pretty much it!

Wrapping Up …

So, that's how you can create a preferred email address as the main option. Do you have any questions?

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