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How to change your activity goals on Apple Watch

Apple Watch training goal

With watchOS 7, Apple made changes to the Apple Watch in terms of the Force Touch gesture. You will notice this in places like accessing list view in your calendar and clearing your alerts at the same time. You no longer use Force Touch for these actions, and another one for the list adjusts your activity goals.

Although you may not change your goals often, it is still important to know how when the time comes. If you recently upgraded to watchOS 7 or later or recently purchased an Apple Watch running the operating system, you can adjust your activity goals.

Change the dimensions of movement, training and standing on the Apple Watch

Strap on the Apple Watch and then open the Activity app. Make sure you are on the main screen. If not, swipe from right to left until you are. Use your finger or Digital Crown to scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Change goals.

Activity Apple Watch Change Target

Then you can change the goals for movement, training and standing in that order. Use plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease Move targets and press Next. Do the same for yours Training goals and finish with Set goals by tapping OK.

Apple Watch Activity Goals

If you do not want to change one of the goals, just press Next to go to the next and OK when are you finished.

More activity on Apple Watch

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Unpack it

Changing your activity goals on the Apple Watch was once done with a Force Touch gesture, but is now right on the main screen of the app. So remember that!

Now that you know how to change your activity goals, do you? Do you change your goals often, or does it depend on how close you are to reaching them? Let us know!

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