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How to check Apple Pencil Battery on iPad (1st and 2nd generation)

Imagining your iPad without an Apple Pencil AKA pen can be a difficult thing. Offering ease of use for a variety of apps, the technical marvel remains as an integral component. From giving wings to your creativity to being the helping hand while creating the important office presentation. Apple Pencil serves a variety of purposes, and in the flow you may forget the battery life and it may stop working. When you recognize the importance, you need to check the Apple Pencil battery level on the iPad. Let us know how to do this in different iPadOS versions.

How to check Apple Pencil Battery Life on iPad

When we take into account the fact that Apple Pencil has no indicator that reflects the battery level, we have to rely on a dedicated widget. Here̵

7;s how to place the widget and make it work.

I iPadOS 14

  1. Swipe from left to right on the Home screen to bring up Today View Section.
  2. Long press on one empty area until the apps start to twist.
  3. Press ‘+’ the icon at the top left of the iPad screen.Tap the Plus icon to open widgets on iPad running iPadOS 14
  4. In the middle of the list of mentioned modules, find and press ‘Batteries.’Tap Batteries in widgets on iPad
  5. Select your preferred widget size and confirm by pressing ‘Add widget.’Tap Add widget on iPad
    Tap Done to add battery widget to check Apple Pencil battery level on iPad on iPadOS 14

In iPadOS 13 or earlier

  1. IN Today View Section, scroll to the bottom and press edit.
  2. Tap below the widget list green + icon before the battery module in the section for multiple widgets.Open today View and tap Edit, then tap the Green Plus icon on iPad running iOS 13
  3. ‘Battery’ has been added to the favorite section.
  4. Press ‘Finished’ to confirm.Tap Done and Open Today to check the Apple Pencil Battery Level on your iPad

When the process is complete, you have the freedom to place the widget when it suits you. It will now keep you updated with the Apple Pencil battery level in real time.

Several ways to check the battery level of the Apple Pencil 2

  1. Party on iPad Pro or AirAttach the Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro to check the battery levelIf you use an iPad Pro (3rd and 4th generation) or an iPad Air 4th generation, you get the magnetic connector on the right side of the iPad. When you click the 2nd generation Apple Pencil on it, the battery level will reflect at the top of the screen for a few seconds. Just in case you missed it, take it again and try to see this time.
  2. In the settings appCheck the battery level of Apple Pencil 2 in Settings on iPadOpen the Settings app on the iPad and find the Apple Pencil option in it. If you tap it, the current battery percentage of the Apple Pencil is displayed.

NOTE: Recognizing that the Apple Pencil 2 starts charging as soon as you click it on your magnetic iPad connector, chances are it will run low on battery. However, if you have been using it for a while and are concerned about the battery level, you should consider the first option. It is also my personal favorite.

Logging off

Even once fully charged, it can operate for 12 hours. Still, none of us will want to stop in the middle of an important mission due to low battery levels. These were a few simple steps to solve the problem by charging Apple Pencil in time. Hoping this helps you, I’ll log out while sharing a list of some of the best Apple Pencil chargers.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know in the comments section below.

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