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How to check the weather forecast with Hei Siri

Instead of opening an app, you can use Hey Siri to check the weather forecast. With a simple "What's the weather today?" Siri will tell you what to expect for today's weather. Siri uses the Apple Weather app by default. You can also ask for the forecast for the coming week, ask for sunrise and sunset times, or questions related to the weather.

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9659003] For this tip, Hey Siri has set up and enabled the Location Services for the Weather app.

  • Ask Siri for today's weather. It shows the current temperature and hourly forecast for the day.
  • Pressing the forecast opens the weather app.

  • You can ask Siri questions related to the forecast. Try questions like "Will it rain today?" "What is the temperature?" and "Will it rain this week?"
  • You can also request times of sunset and sunrise, humidity and how windy it is.
  • Notice if you ask a question a week, it will show a general forecast for the week instead of today's day's hourly notice.

  • You can also use Hey Siri to see the forecast for another place. For example, I asked, "What's the weather in Chicago?"
  • Also, if you press the forecast and do not have location services enabled on your device, the weather application may not show you the information.

Use Hello Siri to find out if the weather forecast is a quick way to know what to expect for the day or week. And since Siri will read the forecast or answer my question out loud, I can hear the answer without having to read it on my iPhone.

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