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How to clean Apple Watch safely and effectively in 4 steps

Did you know there is a proper and wrong way to clean most portable devices? Apple Watch is no exception. Using the wrong tool for the job can damage your watch, void your warranty or irritate your skin.

Today, we are properly looking to clean Apple Watch. Do you also want to clean your smartphone? Take a look at our guide to safely clear your iPhone without damaging it.

Step 1: Remove Your Band

To thoroughly clean each part of the watch, remove the band from the watch unit. First, remove the watch from your wrist. At the back, look for the two buttons near the point that Watch and the band meet (see picture below).

 Apple Watch Band Fixtures

Using the fingernail or a thin blunt object, press each of these buttons and slide the tape off in a horizontal motion. The buttons release the magnets in the clock, but you may need to use some force to get the band off.

Step 2: Clean the watch

With your watch separated from the band, it's time to start cleaning. The most important thing is to avoid using anything that can damage Watch. This includes:

  • Soaps and chemical cleaners
  • Household cleaning sprays
  • Abrasive materials (eg polish)
  • Compressed air tanks
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • External heat sources (eg steam)

All Apple The watch models are, to some extent, water repellent. The early models (like the original "Series 0" Watch) are considered splash-proof, but will survive a canister under the tap or a quick shower. The newer models are rated for up to 55 meters of water resistance. These models can handle immersion in fresh, chlorinated and salt water (provided you rinse them off afterwards).

 Apple Watch Cleaning (Front)

First, the water trap on your watch is activated by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pressing the water drop icon. This locks the touch screen and aids when removing water from the speaker system when you are finished cleaning (series 3 and 4 only).

 Apple Watch Cleaning (back)

Hold Apple Watch under hot running water for 10-15 seconds, and then rub unwanted gunk with a damp, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. The screen should clean up quite easily, but you may need to pay extra attention to the back of the watch where the heart sensors are located.

 Apple Watch dirty back

It's common for this site to build up dirt, especially if you use Apple Watch to exercise or sweat a lot. You may need to use a small elbow grease to clean the sensors and the back of the watch. Don't be afraid to give it a good cleaning;

 Apple Watch Cleaning (back)

With the front and back, it's time to pay attention to your attention. to the edges. It is possible for residues to build up around the Digital Crown, possibly to the point where it does not settle smoothly anymore. To fix this, hold Digital Crown directly under hot running water for about 15 seconds while setting the crown to loosen dirt.

 Cleaning the Apple Watch Digital Crown

When the digital crown becomes free, it is worth giving Watch an extra check. Pay attention to the points that the band connects to your watch. These areas can become dirty, especially if you never switch bands. Too much dirt here can prevent the magnetic lock from working, and risk the watch escaping the wrist.

 Apple Watch Cleaning

One of the coolest Apple Watch features (at least on newer models) is the ability to expel water after a shower or swim. Turn the digital crown to fill up the gauge, and your watch will make some low sounds followed by a soft one.

If you have already triggered the self-cleaning while washing Digital Crown, you can activate it by swiping

 Apple Watch Expelling Water

Step 3: Clean Your Band

Not All The straps are built equally, and not all straps are also water resistant. Apple's leather and stainless steel straps are not particularly classified as water repellent. In this case, do not swim, shower or run under water to clean them.

Instead, wipe them clean with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and dirt. Avoid sucking the leather strap in water as this will probably damage it. You should wait until the band is completely dry before putting it back on.

For nylon, silicon and other durable tapes you don't have to exercise so much care. Silicon is easy to dry clean and you can run it under pressure for a few minutes to loosen any stubborn dirt. It is also nice to clean nylon ribbons and sports loops in this way to return them to their former glory.

 Cleaning an Apple Watch Sport Loop

You should avoid washing your band so you will be an item of clothing. Although the lighter fabric straps can be noticeably dirty, Apple recommends using only water to clean them.

Step 4: Assemble Your Clock

With Watch and the band sparkling clean, it's time to re-assemble the watch. To do this, slide the tape into the connector at the top and bottom of the Watch face. If you have a strap with a buckle, make sure the buckle end connects to the top of the watch. For sports loops, make sure the Velcro is at the bottom of the watch when the band is fully extended.

 A pure Apple Watch!

You can now put Watch back on and start getting it dirty again. The more often you clean the clock, the less time you will spend removing the halter that builds up over time.

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