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How to clean your iPhone charging station


If your iPhone is not charging correctly and you have already tried replacing the charger cable, you may need to clean the iPhone charging port. It's one of the first solutions Apple's technicians will try when you complain that iPhone is not being charged.

You do not need any special tools or training to do this – just a steady hand and some household items. If cleaning does not solve the problem, you may have to pay for repairs or replace the charging lock yourself if you feel brave.

Load Port Issue

Since there is no flappy cover on the iPhone charging port, it's a magnet for dirt and dirt. Pocket fluff, dust, skin, hair, fur coat and all other unwanted gunk will build up in your iPhone charger over time.

 iPhone X

Whenever you plug a Lightning cable into the iPhone port

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You compress unwanted dirt. Finally, it can build up to a level where the charging contacts are hidden. This prevents the iPhone from making a proper connection with the cable and may cause it to stop charging completely.

The latest iPhones are able to charge wirelessly, which will help to cope with this issue. It is also worth keeping the charging cables clean. Check the contacts regularly for signs of gunk or wear.

What To Use To Clean Your Lighting Door

If your iPhone charger is dirty, you can clean it yourself. You do not need special cleaning kits, nor do you need compressed air. Despite many online training programs, Apple recommends that customers do not use compressed air or aerosol spray of any kind when they clean their iPhones.

This probably is due to the high pressure at which the air comes out of the box. This pressure can damage iPhone internally. It can also endanger the water repellent device on newer iPhone models. Fortunately for the task at hand (removal of dried and sticky gunk) compressed air is still not widely used.

I have once had a problem with my iPhone 5s that refuses to charge. It was still under AppleCare warranty, so I took it to Apple for investigation. The genius that addressed the problem solved it by cleaning a lot of gunk from the charging station.

For this task, the technician used a regular old iPhone SIM key, commonly used to unlock the SIM tray.

 SIM Key or Toothpick

Since then, I have not had trouble using a SIM key to clean my iPhone. I've spent a lot of power on the SIM key while scratching the door and never hurt it. The genius that cleans my old iPhone was careful, but thorough.

If you'd rather use something a little less metallic, a thin toothpick or trespyd will do the job perfectly. You can use a paper clip or other thin stick, but always be a bit more careful when using a sharp metal object for this task.

Get a tissue or piece of paper towel to wipe down the cleaning tool when removing gunk. Finally, get a small flashlight ready. You need this to check into the port before and after cleaning so that you know when you have done enough.

How to Clean Your iPhone's Charging Station

First, turn off the iPhone. When cleaning, keep away from the power button, so that you do not accidentally turn it on. Safety first!

 Slide to turn off iPhone X

Check the inside of the charger lock to indicate the gunk using the torch. You will probably see buildup on the connectors at the end, but also in the slots that pass along each side of the port.

 Inspections Lightning Connector

Grasp the toothpick, SIM key or other thin item. Insert it into the charging station and scrape as much dirt as possible. It's best to scratch the door, wipe the toothpick or the SIM key, and scrap it again.

 Clean iPhone Charging Station

It may take some time to loosen the dryer. Keep checking with the torch until you can see the contacts at the end and the port looks significantly cleaner.

Take care not to use too much pressure, even if you use a toothpick. You do not want the toothpick to break and cause a bigger problem. Nor would you damage the connectors by using too much pressure with a metal tool.

Note: If you have an old iPhone, iPad or iPod that uses a 30-pin power outlet, you should take extra care as there are many more pins to damage.

Get a professional to clean your iPhone

Do not trust yourself to do this right? You can get a professional to clean your iPhone port for a fee. Whether this is worth it or not depends on how safe you perform the steps above.

Your best bet for a deep iPhone purity is to visit a repair shop that specializes in smartphones. These providers often offer services like screen and iPhone battery replacement, with or without genuine Apple parts.

  Gadget Workshop
Image text: Chris Malcolm / Flickr

Remember that while these technicians have a set of tools and relevant experience, they should use the same method as described above. They will not take your iPhone apart to clean the charging station, since there is no benefit to it.

Consider replacing your lightning door

If you have cleaned out your lightning light and still have trouble, consider replacing the door completely. There are two ways you can do this: Attach iPhone yourself

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or pay someone else to do it.

If you're considering doing it yourself, you'll need to find the right Lightning connector for your hardware, plus get a set of tools. You need special tools to even open iPhone. Once inside, there are many screws and other components you need to remove to access the Lightning connector.

If you're not sure if you have it, you can watch the video from the repair specialist website

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iFixit. This shows how to access the Lightning connector on an iPhone 7; Other models require a similar procedure. The video only shows how to remove the contact, so be sure to complete the process in reverse to complete iPhone.

To find detailed instructions, search iFixit for your special model of iPhone. iFixit also sells the spare parts and tools you need. The light switch is relatively cheap at around $ 50, plus the set of tools required to perform the repair.

If your iPhone is under warranty, you should take it to Apple, who will perform the repair for free. Another alternative is to go to your local smartphone workshop that will be cheaper but can not use Apple Spare Parts from the first party.

Without warranty and you want the best repair? You can pay Apple for the privilege. An Apple technician will use first-party parts and have high education, but this also costs significantly more than third-party repair shops. If your iPhone is quite old, you might want to put the money against a replacement (make sure you know the best time to buy a new iPhone

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Now clean the rest of your iPhone

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