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How to convert PowerPoint (PPTX) to Mac Keynote Presentations

Everyone has preferences when it comes to favorite shows. You will find Google Sheets users who will not touch Microsoft Excel, Apple Pages users who are repelled by Microsoft Word, and more.

An example of this is the difference that exists between Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. I find myself exchanging back and forth between the two apps, but I can certainly see why users have strong preferences. The keynote interface is very intuitive, while PowerPoint makes it possible to work with Excel a breeze, a key feature for many power users.

Because I jump back and forth between PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, I sometimes need to convert PowerPoint to Keynote presentations to see my collaborators. It's easier than you think to convert presentation files so you never let anyone go open and work with a presentation.

It is not unusual to have to switch between presentation programs. When you need to switch between platforms, you may need to convert PowerPoint to Keynote format. Let's learn to do just the same.

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Now it's time to learn about converting PowerPoint to Keynote.

How to convert PowerPoint to Keynote (Watch & Learn)

Do you want to go through opening a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote together? Be sure to play the screen below to learn how to convert a PowerPoint to Keynote presentation.

Want to learn more? Continue reading below to learn how to convert PowerPoint to Keynote presentations and correct for any incompatibilities when you go.

Convert from PowerPoint to Keynote

In this example we will convert a PowerPoint presentation and open it in the Apple Keynote presentation app.

Through this tutorial, you will see me using a PowerPoint presentation that is pre-built from Envato Elements library. Elements is an all-you-can-download service for advertisements that contains presentation templates, stock photos, and so much more.

  Presentation Templates
All of these PowerPoint templates are available for a single flat rate as part of the Envato Elements subscription.

When you do not have time to design something from scratch, it's a lifeguard to take a template from Elements instead. Start with a presentation template, enter your details and presto! You have made a presentation much faster than building one from the beginning.

In this tutorial, I'm going to use Paradox PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements. Paradox is a beautiful presentation template, but unfortunately it is only available in a PowerPoint version. Since we can convert PowerPoint to Keynote presentations, we learn how to make it cross-compatible in this tutorial.

1. Open a PowerPoint Presentation in Keynote

It appears that opening a Keynote presentation is easier than you might think. It is clear that Apple has recognized its role as the second player in the presentation app, and knows that it will take some time to capture PowerPoints market share.

The opening of a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote is therefore quite straightforward. On your Mac, open PowerPoint and browse to the PPTX or PPT file. Then click Open to start in Keynote.

  PPTX Open in Keynote
Select File> Open in Keynote and browse to your PPTX file to begin converting it. 19659018] Now you can see the presentation in Keynote. You can see some warnings about items that do not translate Keynote, but do not worry about it for now.

I'm always impressed with how well this conversion process usually works. For example, built-in audio, pictures and video worked perfectly in testing. Unless these files are very unusual or specific file formats, conversion usually takes about 90% of the work. Once the conversion is complete, save an updated version of the file as a .keynote file.

Keynote will automatically take care of most of the work in the conversion step. However, it can not be the only step you need to take to prepare your presentation for use in Keynote. Continue reading to adjust everything else.

2. Review the Warnings

You may have noticed when you open a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote that there are some warnings about how "PowerPoint presentation may look different." Keynote flagger issues that may have occurred during conversion.

  Keynote Warnings for PPTX Presentation
Warnings that appear after you have converted PPT to Keynote.

Let's look at how to correct and modify the presentation so that it is converted as well as possible between the two apps.

3. Replace Fonts

This issue is not specific for converting PowerPoint presentations to Keynote, but you probably see this problem when you convert. You must replace fonts if you do not have them installed on your Mac.

When downloading presentation templates from Elements, the author is likely to use free fonts available online, so be sure to check the documentation and download the available fonts if that is the case.

To replace a font, click Replace Fonts … on this popup window. You get the chance to choose replacements from the drop-down menu. If you know a similar font, you can only select it from this drop-down menu to replace all instances of it in the Keynote presentation as you can see on the screen below.

  Replace Fonts in Keynote
One-by-one, you can replace fonts that are not available on your computer with replacement fonts in the drop-down list.

If you do not have access to fonts used by the PowerPoint author, you may need to make replacements. In the Replace Fonts menu, select alternative fonts from the drop-down menus.

4. Check charts and graphs

PowerPoint has some very advanced map features thanks to its tight integration with programs like Excel. Stacked line charts, pie charts and so much more are easy to create in PowerPoint. Keynote makes it easy to map, but the formats do not translate one by one.

The problem is that when you try to bring these charts over to Keynote, they do not convert evenly. This aspect is only one area where the conversion sometimes misses the selection.

  Keynote charts
The stacked line chart is converted from PowerPoint, but some aspects are missing and functioning differently from the PowerPoint version of the presentation.

Simply put, you may need to create new charts in Keynote. This is a type of content that just does not convert easily. Both presentation platforms have implemented different ways of mapping, and it is only natural that it does not always work perfectly.

5. General Review and Adjustment

When I considered my converted PowerPoint presentation, it was clear that more objects and text boxes had to be moved a little.

It's critical when you convert files from one format to another so that they remain "true to form." This means that the presentation appears as expected. There may be other issues that are not flagged in the popup warning when you first convert.

Make sure you review each slide before presenting it to an audience. You will avoid anything that looks or does not work when you share a presentation with an audience.

Another option: Use PowerPoint Online

Through this tutorial, we have converted the presentation from PowerPoint to Keynote. The basic idea here is that this allows users who do not have access to Microsoft PowerPoint. Conversion of the presentation is an option.

But this is not the only way to include others working with the presentation. If you do not want to want to convert an existing presentation, you can let others edit by using free alternatives.

That's where PowerPoint Online comes into play. Available free with a Microsoft account, you can skip to Office365.com to get started. Upload the PPTX or PPT presentation, invite other users, and they can edit the presentation online. As long as they have a browser, they can work with the presentation.

  Paradox in Office 365
In this example I've uploaded Paradox to OneDrive and opened it in PowerPoint for browsers to share and include others.

For a more detailed recipe to learn how to use PowerPoint Online, check out the tutorial below to see it in action:

] This approach does not convert the presentation across formats, but it helps you achieve the goal of inviting others to work with the presentation. If the conversion process fails, think about turning to PowerPoint Online.

Continue to Learn

In this guide, we covered how to convert PowerPoint to Keynote presentations. It turns out Apple's Keynote app has built-in functionality that helps you easily manage PowerPoint presentations.

Want to learn more about Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote? Either way, we have covered you in the Envato Tuts + library. Take a look at some of the guides below to level your presentation skills:

We have the perfect complement to this tutorial that will guide you through the entire presentation process. You can get The complete guide to creating great presentations when you subscribe to Tuts + Business Newsletter. Discover how to write the presentation, design it as a pro, and prepare it to present strongly.

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What are your next steps?

You have just learned some techniques to convert PowerPoint to Keynote. Knowing this will give you more presentation options.

How do you handle back and forth between PowerPoint and Keynote? Do you convert presentations or try to use a tool that makes the presentation available to everyone to work with and edit? Notify me in the comments below if you have a favorite tip to share with other Tuts + readers.

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