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How to convert vector graphics to different formats using the preview program

There is a difference between the difference between bitmap and vector graphics. Bitmap art is made of pixels and has a scale: Each pixel represents black or white, or some gray or hue. The resolution of the file – how many pixels wide by how high – defines the amount of information in it. Scale it up and you begin to see the individual pixels.

However, a vector graphic defines only the relationship between arcs and lines, which can be colored or filled with toner or patterns, and can be scaled to any size large or small. At what size they are scaled, they give the screen: the geometric data is converted to pixels for display. (Text included in vector files is almost always made by vectors themselves!)

It is not uncommon for you to have vector art that you want to use as a picture on a website or in software that cannot import a given format. That vector art can be an EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file, a format dating back to decades, and associated with Adobe Illustrator; or SVG (scalable vector graphics), a newer specification developed for web screens and widely used. (Why does an SVG when you can only include it on a website? SVGs take processing power and have other limitations to bitmaps.)

Vector art also sweeps in PDF files, which can combine type, vector and bitmap images . PDF files are always rendered when viewed as regardless of the zoom ratio you are watching.

I have been sent vector art to use as the company logo on a project, as well as to receive PDF files that contain a mixture of material that I must flatten into a bitmap for a particular size. Sometimes the material does not exist in another format ̵

1; it can be archived or created for a specific purpose – or you don't have time to reach the party that has the files to get a different format.

Previewer [19659007] The Mac Previewer can help with all of this. While often viewed as a PDF viewer, it can read vector formats, render them, and let you either export flat bitmaps – or you can take a shortcut I'll explain.

  mac911 preview vector art svg safari IDG

An SVG file opened in Safari can be exported as PDF and then rendered in Preview.

You can just drag an EPS or PDF file to Preview or select it from File > open . SVG files must first pass through Safari, which will do them, and then select File > Export as PDF to create a file that can be read in Preview.

  mac911 preview vector art eps in preview IDG

An EPS file opened in Preview is automatically converted to a PDF.

With the file open in Preview, select only File > Export and then select the type of output you want from the Format pop-up menu.

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